Just $20 gets you total protection for your 2021 iPad

Just $20 gets you total protection for your 2021 iPad

While actual Black Friday iPad deals on the newly released 2021 iPad are few and far between, you can still save some money this Christmas shopping season when it comes to accessories.

In fact, you can get pretty much all your accessories in one purchase with a 33% discount on this iPad cover, screen protector and stand combination at Amazon. It sells regularly for around $ 30, which is already quite cheap, but you can drop it down to under $ 20 for Black Friday.

The 10.2-inch iPad cover has a rugged design that protects against shock, while a tempered glass screen protector keeps your iPad screen free of scratches. But there is much more to this versatile product.

Combine all your iPad accessories for a discounted purchase

Blosomeet rugged case and screen protector for iPad 9th generation | 33% discount

Why buy a case, a screen protector, a tripod, a pencil holder and a shoulder strap separately when this Black Friday deal gets them all for under $ 20?

$ 19.54 at Amazon

Not only does the cover do a fantastic job of protecting the iPad inside thanks to its reinforced corners and impact resistance, but it also has an adjustable handle that makes it even more risk-free to carry and use the iPad. There’s even a detachable shoulder strap if you need to carry your iPad around on the regular or use it to tie the iPad to the back of your car seat so the kids in the back can enjoy a movie on the go.

On top of all that, there is a built-in support leg so you can support your iPad at a few different angles to suit your needs, and there is even room to store your Apple Pencil when not in use.

This iPad cover is designed for the 9th generation iPad from 2021, although it also fits older 10.2-inch models from 2020 and 2019.

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