Juan Schiaretti received Estela de Carlotto in Córdoba

The governor of Córdoba and former presidential candidate, Juan Schiaretti, received this Monday the president of Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo, Estela de Carlotto, in the midst of the neutral position adopted by the provincial leader in the runoff. However, he was taken as a strong nod to Sergio Massa.

The meeting was at the Civic Center and had the objective of discussing the transfer of the Abuelas headquarters to the Córdoba branch and the digitization of birth certificates during the last military dictatorship.

In addition, they committed to moving forward in the search for missing people and remembered the figure of Sonia Torres, who was the local representative of the organization.

About Schiaretti and their relationship he said: “He is a man that I have known for years. We have come every time we came to Córdoba and he, on some occasion, gave us an award. Today we were chatting for an hour and a half where we talked everything that we wanted.”

“To a good connoisseur, few words,” declared Carlotto; who added that “we talked about everything with our pants off. I got angry. I gave him my opinion, but because I know he is a friend,” De Carlotto stressed, which once again fueled speculation about Schiaretti’s position in the runoff between Sergio Massa (Union for the Homeland) and Javier Milei (La Libertad Avanza).

The importance of Juan Schiaretti’s position

The man from Córdoba obtained almost 1,800,000 votes in the general elections on October 22 and has come out strongly against Massa, whom he objected to due to the ruling party’s attack on the Supreme Court.

According to the official statement published by Schiarettism, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Laura Echenique, also participated in the meeting; the Secretary of Human Rights, Calixto Angulo, and Belén Altamiranda Taranto, restored granddaughter and new representative of the Córdoba de Abuelas branch.

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