Jamstack Developers’ Favorite Frameworks of 2021

What new framework should I learn this year? Is it time to drop my CMS? Which tools should I choose if I want to scale my site to an audience of millions? The Jamstack Community Survey in 2021 is here with answers to these questions and more.

For the past two years, Netlify has conducted the Jamstack Community Survey to better understand our growing group of developers – the insights inform our services, and they also help developers learn from each other. Our survey data gives a sense of best practice as well as an idea of ​​what else is happening in society.

What we see this year: There has never been a better time to be a developer in the Jamstack community! Jamstack has gone mainstream and the ecosystem is thriving. Jamstack is becoming the standard choice for web developers at all stages of their careers across different geographies and affects all industries and the community is only getting bigger. We also saw a huge increase in the percentage of students in our community over the last year, a good sign of a growing ecosystem.

In 2021, Netlify received more than 7,000 responses to the Jamstack Community Survey. This is more than double the number of responses we received in 2020, confirming the growth of the Jamstack community.

Here are a few of the highlights from our more technical findings …

Jamstack developers work differently on a large scale.

32% of Jamstack developers build websites for audiences for millions of users, but the tools they use and their development priorities are different: for example, they are more likely to specialize in front-end or back-end work, and they is more likely to consider mobile devices as a key target.

JavaScript dominates programming languages ​​for the Internet – but TypeScript runs it for money.

For 55% of developers, JavaScript is their primary language. But TypeScript is coming from behind with a growing share.

Figma is almost the only design tool that matters.

When it comes to design tools, more than 60% of survey respondents use Figma and are more satisfied with it than the users of any other design tool we asked about.

A plot diagram with colored dots representing various design apps.  The y-axis is satisfaction, the x-axis is use.  Figma is in the upper right corner of the chart, while everything else is gathered at the bottom left.

React still reigns supreme for frames.

React continues to dominate the category of large frameworks in terms of use and satisfaction, and Next.js is growing next door. But we also saw growth and greater satisfaction from a challenger framework, Vue.

A plot diagram with colored dots representing different frames.  The y-axis is satisfaction, the x-axis is use.  The reaction is far right, but halfway up the satisfaction axis.  Express is at the top of the satisfaction axis, but between 10-20% usage.

WordPress leads to CMS usage.

WordPress remains the clear leader as a content management system, but it is not well-liked as a standalone solution. When used in a headless configuration, users reported much higher satisfaction. This was a breakout year for other headless CMSs like Sanity and Strapi.

A plot diagram with colored dots representing different content management systems.  The y-axis is satisfaction, the x-axis is use.  WordPress is all the way in the bottom right corner of the chart and shows high usage but low satisfaction.  Sanity has the highest satisfaction, but uses between 10-15%.

And that’s just a taste of what we learned. To see the full results of the Jamstack Community Survey in 2021, visit our survey website.

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