Is iPhone still cool? Maybe Apple should flip the script

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Apple’s iPhone is certainly a very popular device, but is it still “cool” to use? Maybe Apple should take some inspiration from Samsung’s Flip series.

If the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max was not quite interesting enough for you this year, you may have ignored the premium series completely and opted for the iPhone 13 mini instead.

Even in a market saturated with big smartphones, the switch to such a small device still represents a compelling upgrade for anyone whose interest in the iPhone is waning, simply because there is no quantum leap in features this time around.

The iPhone has always been rock solid in sales, and will probably be for quite some time with its relatively timeless design. But it’s not exciting, is it?

Why does it not turn or fold?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 has been well received by the technical press. The author of this article has actually been craving for one since it was launched earlier this year.

It’s weird because the same author laughed at the resurgence of flip phones.

What if Samsung is for something? Obviously, they are constantly repeating the Z Flip and Galaxy Fold devices for a reason – and therefore a foldable iPhone like the rumor of “iPhone Fold” may not be a bad idea.

Rumor has it that an iPhone with a foldable OLED screen is up and running, retaining most of the existing design, but with added flexibility. Many patents have pointed to its development, but Apple has not yet really hinted that anything in that direction is on the way.

There is also no reason for Apple to drop what it is doing at the moment. Why should it? By 2020, 50% of Apple’s revenue came from iPhone sales – about $ 274 billion to be exact, making it a product that it can’t really afford to dramatically change or otherwise see a dramatic cut in revenue.

So something seems clear, but it could make it better. That’s why Apple needs to button up its shirt a bit, take a glass of the bar’s best and add a more interesting iPhone to the series.

Samsung looks more and more interesting

This bothers Apple; After all, Samsung is one of its toughest competitors. The rivalry has lasted for years, but the two companies work in completely different ways.

Apple wants you to have an iPhone that it frames as a premium mobile device. Samsung instead chooses to cover almost the entire market and introduces value-oriented devices along with its flagship products.

The key here is that Samsung can easily have a really bad year for one of its flagships, and not make it ruin the revenue for the year. This actually happened with the Galaxy Note series a few years ago, where the major battery issues virtually wrote off an entire generation to the line.

Samsung's Fold smartphone series may have had their teething problems, but you can not say that they are boring.

Samsung’s Fold smartphone series may have had their teething problems, but you can not say that they are boring.

Sure, there have been some really weird attempts to distinguish the Galaxy line from each other, e.g. Its embracing periscope lenses to absurdly high zoom levels, but they at least have a crack on it.

That’s why it’s so fun to keep an eye on what’s coming out of Samsung’s smartphone labs and into the hands of its legion of fans.

This is because Samsung is better able to take risks. Apple is simply not.

Clearly, Samsung’s latest range of phones provide more attention-grabbing headlines like a new iPhone. In fact, the iPhone 13 has received rave reviews, but it is almost exclusively focused on battery life and camera features.

We need the cool factor

Flip phones are cool. Sometimes it’s just enough to make the smartphone entertaining for potential buyers.

Turning tech open and closed is a lot of fun, and any AirPods Pro owner who has spent time getting bored with the charging case will attest to that. The makeshift fidget toy may not be a spinner, but it’s satisfying to use.

The tilting lid on the AirPods charging case is a bit entertaining.

The tilting lid on the AirPods charging case is a bit entertaining.

Samsung is no doubt acutely aware that flip phones are and always have been cool – although we go back to the early days of the Motorola Razr. Even when we all pretended to use early Star Trek communicators and it was more of a novelty, it was still cool for us.

“Cool” is something Apple has always done brilliantly. But can we honestly say that it now extends beyond its brand image and brilliant marketing campaigns? Is the iPhone really cool anymore?

There is plenty of utility value

Flip phones are really useful. The idea of ​​shrinking a device when you need to put it in your pocket is compelling.

Even more so when you are considering going from a larger screen resembling an iPad mini to something with a more pocket dimension.

But add to that that the halved phone then has an extra glossy display for simple messages and it gets really interesting. More importantly, it’s a sure bet that Apple would do something very innovative with a flip phone; something Samsung has not yet dreamed of.

Apple always does this. A reversible iPhone would have one or two features that would really change the game.

That is, if Apple were ever to release such a device.

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