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Adonai, the company that operates the canteen of the Central Hospital of the Social Security Institute (IPS), is paying G. 100 million per month in rent. Meanwhile, another 25 canteens awarded last April to companies linked to the controversial former councilor Gustavo Arias, pay ridiculous amounts that do not exceed G. 3 million. Owner of affected company asks for equal conditions for pensions.

In April of 2023, through Resolution No. 028-041he Social Security Institute (IPS) authorized the subscription of contracts of lease with signatures ByP Bussiness y GT E.S.A. for the exploitation of canteens in 25 establishments health of the entity. Both companies have as legal representative: Gloria Raquel Olmedowho would be a person close to the controversial former pension advisor Gustavo Ariasreplaced on September 14 after several scandals.

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The amount to be paid for the operation of the canteens was established between G. 1 million y G. 3 million depending on the space to be used, ranging from 50 m2 outdoors 238 m2 indoors.

According to the resolution of April 26, the company ByP Bussiness was awarded to operate canteens in the Nanawa Clinic and Hospital Geriatric Guillermo Buongermini in Asunción. Other IPS establishments operated by the aforementioned company in the interior include the Hospital de Conception, Colonel Oviedo, Caaguazú, Incarnation, Pilar, Saint Peter, Saint Stanislaus, Ciudad del Este, Santa Rita, Hernandarias y Pedro Juan Caballero.

On the other hand, the company GT E.S.A. was awarded to operate the canteens of the Hospital de LukeHospital Field Via of Capiatá, Periférica Clinic Yrendague and Hospital June 12, in addition to health facilities located in St. Bernardino, Benjamin Aceval, Paraguay, Villarrica, Ayolas, St. Ignatius, St. John the Baptist and Caazapa.

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This award and the amounts to be paid caused the indignation of the owner of Adonisa company that operates the cantina of the Hospital Central. According to Nelida Gamarrathe monthly fee for the space they have occupied for 6 years is G. 100 million.

“Is a huge difference. It cannot be that one is paying G. 100 million per month and in another place, even if the space is smaller or they are abroad, they only pay G. 1 million or a little more. We want equal footing”Gamarra claimed.

IPS did not forgive even in a pandemic, they claim

The owner of Adonai said that the initial rent for the space they exploit was G. 85 million. However, he says that at that time medical care was concentrated almost entirely in the Central Hospital. Subsequently, the Hospital Ingavi, he Ambulatory Care Center and the Comprehensive Health Specialty Center (CESI)so the movement in the main IPS building fell sharply.

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“Not even in pandemic They forgave us. Two years of many losses They were for us, but the only thing the IPS did was increase our rent. We are currently paying G. 100 million. Considering the other amounts, we ask that you charge us at least half (G. 50 million)”, said Gamarra.

The owner of Adonai also commented that according to the agreement signed by the IPS with the companies ByP Business and GT ESA, they can exploit the space by 10 years (until 2033) and have a Grace period of 6 months to pay for the lease.

“That benefit was never given to us; We have to fight every year to expand our contract that is annual. We also do not have a Grace period to pay. Is very unfair“, he pointed.

According to an ABC publication on September 2, Mrs. Gloria Raquel Olmedorepresentative of the aforementioned companies is a couple of Hugo Lezcano Menciabrother of the deceased wife of Gustavo Arias, Andrea Lezcano Mencia.

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