iPhone Reminders with tags: How to use, organize, and search

Apple’s Reminders app is leveled up in iOS 15 with tags. Let’s look at how to organize iPhone reminders with tags, search, quickly create new reminders in a tag group with smart lists and more.

The reminder app has continuously evolved over the years with more advanced features. This year, iOS 15 and macOS Monterey bring support to tags in the reminders as well as the Notes app.

Especially for those with many reminders stored in the standard iOS app, the new tag feature will be valuable for easier sorting and organizing your chores across iPhone, iPad and Mac without having to create multiple lists.

In the example below, I use tags to sort all items in a “buy” list across different types of stores. And once you’ve used tags in reminders, it’s easiest to add new reminders with a specific tag from the new tags section.

  • When running iOS 15, open the Reminder app on iPhone or iPad (or Mac with macOS Monterey)
  • Open an existing list and tap a reminder or create a new one
  • Create a new tag by pressing the hashtag “#” in the menu bar just above your keyboard
    • Press return after entering your tag to complete it (changes color)
    • You can use multiple tags with reminders
    • You can also type #______ after a reminder to create a tag
  • Go back to the reminders main page to see the new tag section at the bottom (left sidebar at the bottom of macOS Monterey)
    • You can filter by tag, add multiple reminders from a tag, sort in different ways, and more
    • When you create a new list, you can now select “Smart List” to automatically sort by tag, due dates, location, priority and more

This is what the process looks like:

Do not forget to press return on the keyboard after entering your new tag.

Another place you can manage reminder tags is by tapping the info icon “i” to the right of an item, and then tapping Tags.

After creating some tags, iOS suggests them after tapping the # icon in Reminders:

Here’s how to see all your tags and the easiest way to add multiple tasks to a specific tag:

  • Go to the reminders main page
  • Stroke to the bottom
  • Tap “All brands” or the brand you want

Another new option with iOS 15 is to create “Smart Lists”, sorted by things like tags, due dates, flags, priority and more.

On the main reminder page, tap “Add list” in the lower right corner and then select “Make smart list”.

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