iPhone + Android + Windows = Intel Unison

There seems to be no end in sight to the Techtember madness. After Apple’s iPhone 14 launch earlier this month and just before the Google Pixel 7 launch next month, Intel managed to push for time and held its press conference yesterday to unveil its new 13th generation Raptor Lake desktop-class CPUs. At the event, Intel also showed off a new app called Intel Unison, which will soon make its way to your laptop and allow you to use your Android or iOS smartphone with your Windows device like never before.


What does the Intel Unison app do?

Basically, the purpose of the software is to minimize the constant switching of devices that we do today. It installs on your Windows device and connects to your Android or iOS smartphone and lets you do almost anything. It allows users to make phone calls, transfer documents, send and receive text messages, drag-n-drop photos and do much more seamlessly.

For example, you’ll be able to quickly take a picture or scan a document on your phone and send it over to your Windows laptop for editing without using a cable or save it to the cloud and then download it to your laptop. Instead, the image will just appear in your laptop’s ‘Unison Gallery’. It will also let you push files from your Windows PC to your phone.

While some of the features are already available through Microsoft’s Your Phone app on Windows, Unison brings some additional features, such as support for iPhones. It also provides a faster experience, as Intel’s app can use Wi-Fi Direct or specific drivers to get a deeper connection. It even syncs your smartphone’s notifications with your Windows laptop — something Apple’s ecosystem can’t do yet.

One important thing to note here is that it will only work on Intel Evo certified laptops. As for the launch, the software is not available for download right now. Intel’s Senior Director of Mobile Client Platforms, Daniel Rogers, says Unison will roll out later this year and will be available on select 12th generation Core laptops from Acer, HP and Lenovo. To use Unison, download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. There is also a minimum requirement for Android 9 or iOS 15 operating systems.

Android and Windows get a taste of the Apple Ecosystem

I’ve been a MacBook user almost my entire life. While I used an Android device until 2017, I picked up an iPhone in the summer of 2018 and immediately realized why people value ‘Apple ecosystem.’ Everything seems to gel so well. You can share files without any interruptions, copy and paste texts and images without even picking up your iPhone and do much more. It provides a fantastic experience.

While everyone will tell you that this cross-device sync feature is nice to have and not a feature that you necessarily need, it will be hard to live without it once you start using it. I’ll give you an example: I recently switched to eSIM on my iPhone and iMessage iCloud sync stopped working for a day or two. That was the day I realized how dependent I am on this system. Messages weren’t getting through to my Mac and I had to walk away from my desk to my iPhone, plugged in by my bed, to put in the OTPs.

Unison is Intel’s attempt to deliver this seamless experience to Windows users who have been asking for it for far too long. While companies like HUAWEI and Samsung have taken matters into their own hands and given a chance by rolling out exclusive connectivity features to their own devices, Intel takes a different approach as it looks to build a solution from the core level for all devices, regardless of manufacturer .

What are your thoughts on Intel Unison? Would such a feature help you improve your productivity? Let us know in the comments section below!

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