iOS 16 Lock Screen concept makes for far slicker interactions

The iOS 16 lock screen sees a new user interface for the music player, notably allowing you to view full-width album art as the gods intended.

But things get messy when notifications appear, something a design student tried to fix…

Dutch UI design student Hidde Collee welcomed the return of the larger album art last seen in iOS 10, but noted that notifications move the media controls up to cover the art. He also wanted to see sleeker animations.

I think these are very good improvements, but I still have some comments. For example, the notifications overlap the album art (as you can see in the image above on the right), it looks very busy and I think it could be done differently. I also think the animations could be a little better, especially for the album art that expands/minimizes in and out of the Media Player component.

Collee’s concept achieves three things:

  • The album art actually expands/minimizes in and out of the media player component instead of randomly fading in and out.
  • Messages do not overlap the album art. When you get notifications or scroll up to the notification center with older notifications, the album art is actually minimized in the media player. When you hide these notifications, the album art expands to full screen again.
  • New smooth animation for the AirPlay menu.

You can see the interactions in the video below. When notifications arrive – or you swipe up to reveal them – the large album cover smoothly shrinks and takes its place in the media control panel.

To me, this is a simple but very welcome improvement, and it just makes for a much more considered feel. Apple, take a look…

What do you think about this iOS 16 lock screen concept? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

As for the Music app itself, Apple made a small number of improvements in iOS 16, including the ability to sort playlists.

Apple Music on iOS 16 allows users to sort playlists. Traditionally, all playlists in the Music app have been sorted by the order the songs were added to the playlist: the first songs added at the top, and the most recently added songs at the bottom.

With this new feature of Apple Music on iOS 16, you can sort your playlist by title, artist, album and more. Additionally, when you open a singer/band profile, there’s a new favorites toggle that lets you “keep track of the artists you care about most with new music notifications and improved recommendations.”

You can read about the other changes here.

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