iOS 15 makes stealing another student’s class notes a snap

A student used their iPhone to take a picture of their classmate’s PC screen and uses iOS 15’s Live View to copy the text.
Screenshot: Juan Buis

Suppose you look around the class and notice that the person in front of you is taking better notes than you are. An iPhone running iOS 15 makes it easy to make a copy like a pie without the hassle of asking for permission – thanks to the magic of Live Text.

A video of this happening in the real world posted on Twitter goes viral. See it now.

Copy other people’s notes with a * click * and Live Text

That viral Twitter post from Juan Buis says, “students start stealing each other’s notes with iOS 15, and that’s … kind of genius.”

It demonstrates the capabilities of Live Text, a new feature in iOS 15. This copies the words out of pictures and lets you paste them into notes, emails, etc.

As shown in the video, it is possible to secretly close an image of someone else’s computer screen and then use Live Text to copy the class notes out of it.

Of course, it has been possible to make a basic version of this for many years. Someone could take a picture of a classmate’s notes and then manually enter the text on their own. But Live Text makes this process much easier.

Of course, that was not what Apple had in mind when it added this feature to iOS 15. It thought instead of making it easy to grab a copy of what a professor wrote on a whiteboard so students could be aware of , what was said. But anything that can be used can also be abused.

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