Institute searched everywhere but couldn’t find Barracas Central

From above. Under. In the center. On the sides. Stop ball. Instituto looked for him everywhere, but between the lack of aim and the goalposts he was left with a bittersweet feeling. The 0-0 against Barracas Central did not help them to get among the four best in Zone A and the classification will be played on Rojo’s court against River on the last date.

The clubs gave Instituto back the possibility of going into the break with an advantage, something that would have been fair. Lucas Rodríguez, from outside the area, tried first. And then, a left-footed shot from Adrián Martínez made Andrés Desábato’s post shake again. Surely it was Maravilla’s goodbye on the Glory field since he will continue his career in Arab soccer.

Barracas did not stay and had it twice with Alexis Domínguez, but on both occasions he did not hit the goal. El Patron was more withdrawn because the rush to win belonged to his rival.

Beyond some notice of the visit at the dawn of the complement, everything continued to belong to the Institute, which searched outside and inside and once again encountered the misfortune of the sticks. Now it was the crossbar that said no to Rodríguez, with a free kick.

He kept trying, he had it in the last one (Desábato’s expulsion included), but the goal did not open.

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