Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison reflects on its transformation journey to accelerate Indonesia’s Digital Transformation

At Digital Transformation World 2022, CEO of Indosat Ooredoo Huchison (IOH) emphasized the importance of digital transformation in his company’s development.

IOH was created when Indosat Ooredoo and H3i completed their merger at the beginning of this year. It immediately became Indonesia’s second largest mobile operator with almost 100 million subscribers. For such a large market, Indonesia sometimes doesn’t get the attention it should in other parts of the world, so it was good to hear from IOH CEO Vikram Sinha, who spoke to the media at the event.

Vikram Sinha, President Director and CEO of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (IOH)

“IOH was born with a purpose to connect and empower every Indonesian,” Sinha said. “And there is only one way to achieve this through the power of cooperation, or in Indonesia we call it Gotong Royong, a win-win spirit of cooperation to achieve a greater purpose together.

“At IOH, I encourage the entire management team and our employees to think big and maximize Indonesia’s potential, remain focused on building and growing customer trust by strengthening our core business, and continue to activate and strengthen communities.”

Indonesia is the world’s fourth largest country by population, with a mobile subscriber base of over a quarter of a billion. It currently has the world’s 17th largest GDP, but it is expected to rise to 10th by 2030 and 4th by 2045. IOH considers itself a key player in harnessing the enormous potential and positioning Indonesia as the next digital powerhouse.

We asked Sinha about his vision for the IOH. “One of our key guiding principles is prioritizing customer experience over cost,” he said. “I have been in the industry for 20 years, and I have to admit that we have not been good at building customer trust. So how do we do it differently? How do I treat each customer and how do I build that trust? Make your pricing very transparent and simple and get rid of any toxic revenue. So I think we’re very, very focused on making sure that we build trust, we give our customers a great experience.”

One of the reasons why the telecommunications industry may have faced challenges in maintaining a high level of market confidence could have been its legacy billing systems and procedures. An example of the kind of toxic revenue Sinha referred to is bill shock, particularly from roaming. So this is where the kind of technological and cultural change associated with digital transformation can have a very positive effect.

“Overall, there is a lot going on under the theme of digital transformation, but if I were to pick one or two big things, the biggest for me would be the culture and policy that we need to change in the organization to support fundamental transformation,” said Sinha , when asked about IOH’s digital transformation journey, “For me, it’s been the biggest learning.”

It matches a major underlying theme of this year’s event, which revolves around the acceptance across all parts of the telecommunications industry that digital transformation is as much a cultural as a technological process. The creation of a new CSP, albeit from a merger in the case of IOH, is the perfect opportunity to introduce a cultural pivot and redefine the way things are done across the entire organization.

As the GDP forecasts above indicate, the broader market environment in Indonesia is also changing rapidly. The country looks set to embark on the kind of rapid growth development journey that we have seen from other Asian countries in the past decade or two, so IOH will need to be as nimble as possible to meet demand and make the most of the opportunities that growth provides. will offer.

“It’s amazing the kind of potential, the kind of upside and the kind of vibrancy that we have in Indonesia,” Sinha concluded. “Look, we have challenges, but there is so much positivity and optimism, and there is so much hunger and eagerness to work together.”

Indonesia does not get the attention such a large and rapidly developing country deserves, but it is clear that Indonesia will increasingly be talked about in the same context. With its emphasis on digital transformation to offer the best possible customer experience, IOH seems very well positioned to make the most of the many opportunities such a vibrant market offers.

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