In a historic turnaround at the end, Brusque beats Operário and returns to Série B

In an incredible comeback with three goals after 40 minutes of the second half, Brusque beat Operário-PR 4-3 on Sunday night (17) and practically “stamped” the return to Series B of the Brazilian Championship.

Guilherme Queiróz, Álvio (twice) and Dentinho scored for Quadricolor, while Felipe Augusto, Eduardo Neto and Tréllez scored.

With the result, Quadricolor reaches nine points and opens up a five-point lead over São Bernardo-SP, second place in the bracket.

The game

Brusque had a “scare” at the beginning of the match. After three minutes, Felipe Augusto took advantage of a cross in the area and opened the scoring for Operário in full Augusto Bauer.

Quadricolor came forward and managed to equalize in the 24th minute with a penalty, confirmed after the referee’s review of the VAR, and converted by top scorer Guilherme Queiróz.

Guilherme Queiróz scored Brusque's equalizer –  Photo: Lucas Gabriel Cardoso/Brusque FC/NDGuilherme Queiróz scored Brusque’s equalizer – Photo: Lucas Gabriel Cardoso/Brusque FC/ND

Furthermore, the team from Santa Catarina found it difficult to articulate new offensive moves and was unable to create more chances to turn the match around.

Second time

And if in the first half Operário opened the scoring in the first minutes, the scene was repeated in the second half. At five minutes, Eduardo Neto took a risk from outside the area, the ball deflected in the middle of the path and took away any chance of defense from goalkeeper Matheus Nogueira.

Needing to chase the result again, Quadricolor launched an attack, however, it came up against the strong pressing of the team from Paraná in the midfield sector.

Brusque beats OperárioBrusque looked for a comeback at the end – Photo: Lucas Gabriel Cardoso/Brusque FC/ND

Based on their insistence, the team from Santa Catarina achieved a draw. Ólávio took advantage of a rebound from goalkeeper Rafael Santos to leave everything equal at Augusto Bauer in the 40th minute.

And if, given the context, the draw was already “good”, Quadricolor’s turnaround came at 44′. Center forward Olvio appeared again to leave the Santa Catarina team in good shape.

Two minutes later, Dentinho received a free kick, dribbled past the goalkeeper and scored Brusque’s fourth.

And there was still time for more. At 49′, Tréllez took advantage of a cross from the right side and scored for the visitors.


Brusque 4×3 Operário – Series C of the Brazilian Championship (final quadrangular)

BRUSQUE: Matheus Nogueira; Danilo Belão (Airton), Éverton Alemão, Wallace and Alex Ruan; Rodolfo (Luiz Henrique), Madison (Moisés) and Jhemerson; Everton Bala (Diego Tavares), Guilherme Queiróz (Olávio) and Dentinho. Technician: Luizinho Lopes

FACTORY WORKER: Rafael Santos; Sávio, Allan Godói (Jhonatan Silva), Willian Machado and Pará (Lucas Hipólito); Índio (Eduardo Neto), Vinicius Diniz, Dudu Scheit, Cássio Gabriel (Erik) and Felipe Augusto; Felipe Garcia (Tréllez). Technician: Rafael Guanaes

Goals: Felipe Augusto (OPE/3’1T), Guilherme Queiróz (BRU/22’1T), Eduardo Neto (OPE/5’2T), Lávio (BRU/40’2T and 44’2T), Dentinho (BRU/46′ 2T) and Tréllez (OPE/49’2T)

Yellow cards: Alex Ruan (BRU); Cássio Gabriel, Índio, Lucas Hipólito (OPE)

Local: Augusto Bauer stadium, in Brusque

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