Huge news — some Apple Polishing Cloths are shipping early!

Apple releases a new polishing cloth to clean all of your Apple displays

In what can only be described as a Thanksgiving miracle, some people report that their orders for $ 19 Apple Polishing Cloth are shipped weeks ahead of schedule.

According to reports from both AppleInsider and iPhone in Canada, people have contacted them to say that their orders are already being shipped – with some doing so up to a month earlier than previously stated.

After placing our polishing cloth shortly after a day after Apple’s special event, we received a shipping notification Tuesday morning. Our original estimated delivery timeline was 4-5 weeks, so the arrival of this much touted cloth on Thursday is going to give the pre-Christmas gift of the times.

Anyone who orders one of the infamous polishing cloths today is set to receive it at the end of January at best, although in light of today’s news, it is possible that some will be lucky and get the very best iPhone cleaning unit ahead of schedule – even though I would ‘I do not want to spend too much money on a delivery before Christmas at this time.

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Apple says its new cloth can be used on anything it sells, including displays with nano-texture glass.

The polishing cloth is made of soft, non-abrasive material and cleans any Apple screen, including glass with nanotexture, safely and effectively.

Who ever thought we would see the day we would notice a cloth being shipped faster than the insane 5-week delivery schedule? Welcome to 2021, folks! We can only imagine what will make headlines in 2022 – it can hardly stand to think about!

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