Huawei Wins the “Best New Gamechanger or Innovation” Award at the NGON WDM Forum 2022

[Barcelona, Spain, June 22, 2022] At Next Generation Optical Networking (NGON 2022) in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Huawei stood out from many vendors for winning the “Best New Gamechanger or Innovation” award in the optical field. The award recognizes equipment suppliers’ efforts to continuously innovate in the field of optical transport by providing a comprehensive range of solutions.

Huawei wins “Best New Gamechanger or Innovation” award.

Huawei has devoted itself to the optical field and ranked first in the optical communications market for 14 years in a row. Huawei has 16 R & D centers around the world, has contributed more than 60% of the basic optical communication standards and has world-leading basic research capabilities. Huawei is also continuously innovating in areas such as ultra-high speed, ultra-broadband spectrum and fully optical switching OXC. At the 20th NGON Forum in 2018, Informa Huawei presented the award for “Best Single Channel Programmable 400G Product”.

At NGON Forum 2022, Huawei unveiled next-generation 400G cohesive modules. Based on the innovative GSC FEC algorithm and ultra-nyquist (FTN) spectrum shaping technology in the new Turbo architecture, the 400G transmission performance is continuously improved. To date, Huawei has implemented 400G networks worldwide for more than 50 carriers.

In addition, Huawei also released the industry’s first ultra-broadband spectrum Super C120 + L120 solution, which will facilitate the generational development of backbone networks from 100G x 80 wavelength systems to 400G x 80 wavelength systems. Based on the new element doping of erbium fibers and technological breakthroughs, this solution doubles the available spectrum resources for optical fibers, marking yet another historic breakthrough in the field of optical transmission.

Huawei continues to make technological breakthroughs in optical switching OXC. Since the launch of the industry’s first OXC in 2017, Huawei has taken more than 3,000 OXCs into commercial use worldwide, helping to achieve green connectivity. At this NGON forum, Huawei unveiled a miniaturized metro network OXC device that forms a series of end-to-end OXC products to build the green all-optical network. Compact Edge OTN devices with blade OXC capabilities will help carriers implement WDM devices for COs, commercial buildings and even wireless networking sites.

Huawei is actively contributing to the industry standards for autonomous driving network by launching the fully optical autonomous driving network (ADN) solution. More than 300 sets have been implemented worldwide. Innovative features such as optical network health insurance, intelligent co-cable detection and intelligent alarm compression enable proactive O&M and significantly improve efficiency.

Huawei’s premium private line solution has been taken into commercial use by dozens of airlines around the world. This year, Huawei has launched an innovative OTN P2MP solution that helps operators build inclusive OTN quality private lines and expand the user base 10 times.

Victor Zhou, President of Huawei’s Optical Transport Domain, said: “Huawei has long been committed to making strategic investments and technological breakthroughs in the optical communications domain that help operators build high-quality ubiquitous optical connections. Through OTN, it continues to be implemented for COs, sites, campuses, buildings and data centers to enable digital transformation in various industries. We are committed to achieving λ for everywhere, Premium Connectivity enlightens the digital world. “


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