How to use air conditioning correctly to take care of your health?

This conception has been discarded, especially in recent times. Consequently, compared to increase in temperatures these days And facing the summer period, it is essential for many people to put these devices into operation.


However, it is essential to consider beforehand the air conditioning purification processwhich is essential for ensure proper performance and, consequently, to prevent adverse health consequences.

In this context, the hygiene of air conditioning devices acquires crucial importance, not only to guarantee their correct performance, but especially to preserve its statuswhich can have a direct impact on the well-being of the human body.

Air conditioning devices carry out the process of cooling the air, They remove moisture and have the propensity to retain dust particles or other organic substances in the filters.


Regular air conditioning check

Consequently, it is recommended that these devices be subject to regular evaluation and monitoring, carried out by specialized and certified professionals. This is because, in the absence of proper maintenance, there is a possibility of multiplying the accumulation of germs, viruses, bacteria, molds, dust and pollen.

These elements accumulate throughout the year in the various conduits, channels and pipes, clogging them or releasing stale air, that is, contaminated and harmful.

It is crucial to understand that the air conditioning system takes the air present in the environment and distributes it with adjustments in temperature. In simple terms, it does not renew the air, it only cools it. Hence the relevance of carry out your cleaning on a regular basis.


Following these principles, incorrect use generates an environment with thermal discomfortunbalancing the thermohygrometric conditions (temperature and humidity) of our body, affecting health.

Individuals with allergies may experience the effects of abrupt temperature fluctuations generated by air conditioning if not managed properly. Let us keep in mind that the usual temperature of our body is 36,5 °C, so using the air conditioning at lower temperatures can affect negatively in our body.

According to its name, the air conditioning has the task of adapting the environment, the optimal temperature being between 22°C y 24°C. Likewise, it is recommended that the humidity be in a range of 35% al 60%. It is relevant to note that each degree decreased in the temperature of said device implies an increase in the 5% al 8% in electricity consumption.


It is crucial to note that improper use of air conditioning devices can lead to adverse health impacts on susceptible individuals, especially those suffering from conditions such as allergies, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or Legionella pneumonia.

The term for this bacteria comes from the group of ex-combatants known as “American Legion”since this bacteria was identified in the ducts of air conditioning systems in a hotel during a veterans meeting.

The health risks of cold air

It is essential to monitor the vehicle’s air system to ensure its effectiveness and avoid potential health risks. First of all, it is crucial to discard the notion that air conditioners can cause allergies, since there is no direct connection to that possibility.


We can affirm that abrupt variations in temperature can have an impact on the body, especially in people with allergies. An environment with temperatures below those recommended and the lack of hygiene in the devices can cause health discomfort. Therefore, it is advisable to configure the device in ventilation mode every 2 or 3 hours during the night.

There are places such as shopping centers, banks, hotel establishments, means of transportation, office spaces and movie theaters where, upon entering, the temperature variation is experienced abruptly. This phenomenon is due to the use of centralized cooling systems. By spending several hours in such spaces, the characteristic symptoms of prolonged exposure to cold may appear.


Cleaning the car air conditioning system should also be carried out, preferably by authorized technicians. It is recommended to activate the system after Roll down the windows, put it in ventilation mode and then switch to the cold air option. In this situation, the health impacts are similar to those mentioned above for devices used in homes and businesses.

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