How to Restart a BAT file on Windows at an Interval

I recently wrote one .bat script on windows to mine Ethereum when i am not using my gaming pc to fragment noobs. I have a friend who also tries to recall cryptocurrencies, but their machines have AMD processors; once in a while the processor and the mining run start to struggle and all the mining stops.

To have mining .exe Stop the work but do not kill the process is a really frustrating problem. I thought it was a Windows sleep / hibernation issue, but the solution I wrote about in this post did not resolve the issue. I went with the second best solution: to kill and restart the process after a given time:

start PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -pool2 -wal WALLET_ADDRESS -proto 3
echo "-------------------------------MINER STARTED"
timeout /t 3600 >null
echo "-------------------------------MINER TERMINATED, RESTARTING"
taskkill /f /im "PhoenixMiner.exe" > null
goto loop

This script kills the process and restarts it after one hour, regardless of whether mining is running smoothly or has stopped. This is obviously not a perfect solution; a better answer would be to create a script to listen for an error and restart the process immediately. I would argue that it is a workable solution so that mining is not down for an entire night!

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