How To Maximize Learning Paths To Cultivate Internal Talent

Personal learning paths and training in the work flow

With the right learning management system in place, you can efficiently and cost-effectively deliver learning programs that increase workforce productivity, improve employee retention, help with regulatory compliance, reduce costs and reduce training time.

93% of employees said they would stay longer with a company if it invested in their careers (LinkedIn 2018 Workforce Learning Report). Learning pathways within an LMS guide students through a selection of courses, allowing them to master a particular subject or program. These pathways create wonderful opportunities for students to continually develop their knowledge and bridge skills gaps as they chart their own career paths. Meridian’s career development platform, Career Explorer, clearly defines pathways for the learner to plan their next role and achieve professional growth.

Meridian LMS Career Explorer, LMS administrators have the ability to:

  • Quickly onboard employees who are new to the organization or their role
  • Plan training strategically to remediate knowledge and skills
  • Automate the import of competency-based performance data into the LMS to highlight areas for development
  • Increase employee satisfaction

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How to integrate learning into the work flow

A common misconception about training is that students have to sit down and complete large chunks of training all at once. Successful training can take many different forms, although it all depends on how well students have retained their knowledge and whether they can apply it to their daily activities. One of the most beneficial ways to ensure students stay current with their skills is by integrating learning into daily activities.

Learning should not be completed only when necessary. Instead, it should be incorporated into the daily work that employees go through. This learning process is commonly referred to as microlearning, which allows students to engage with information that is broken down into timely, small chunks.

Ideas for how to integrate learning into the workflow:

  • Use short eLearning modules
  • Introduce PDFs, eBooks, videos and infographics
  • Make us webinars and podcasts
  • Take advantage of mobile learning

In addition to microlearning, just-in-time (JIT) training functions as on-demand learning that follows principles of microlearning and mobile learning. As the name suggests, just-in-time training is usually implemented when there is some degree of urgency. For this reason, JIT training is accessible via mobile devices and presented in small chunks to provide fast and efficient learning on the go.

Main benefits of JIT training

  • Higher availability
  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Improved knowledge retention


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eBook Publishing: Meridian LMS™

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