How to make apps avoid MacBook Pro camera notch

Do you have an app that does not play well with the MacBook Pro hack? There is an easy solution.
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If one of your favorite programs does not work well with the screen notch in the 2021 MacBook Pro, there is a solution. Apple created a “Scale to fit under the built-in camera” option that always places the app in the space under the notch when in full screen mode.

And it can be set to individual apps. Here’s how you do it.

Avoid MacBook Pro notches with the ‘Scale to fit under the built-in camera’ option ‘

Don’t worry: Apple made it easy to enable this option. The only thing that is even a little complicated is that – unlike all other changes in settings – this can not be done while the application is running. You have to stop.

Then click Finder icon in Dock, and then click Application in the Finder sidebar.

Select the app that you always want to display under the camera notch, and then select File > Get information. Alternatively, you can press the key combination Cmd-I.

In the resulting info window, find “Scales to fit under the built-in camera”And turn it on.

And there you are. Reopen the appropriate application in full screen mode and you will see that it now appears below the MacBook Pro screen. You get black boxes that fit into the camera and the screen edge of the laptop.

If the setting is missing

If you can not find this option, it’s good news. It’s for applications that may be incompatible with the notch in the 2021 MacBook Pro because they were released before the laptop and have not been updated to take it into account. “If a developer updates their app for compatibility with your Mac, the ‘Scale to fit under the built-in camera’ option will no longer appear,” according to Apple.

For more information, see Apple’s support website.


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