How to get free 1000 UC?

BGMI’s reintroduction to the Indian gaming market in late May resulted in it rising through the ranks and cementing its spot amongst the most-played Battle Royale titles on mobile. With millions of players across the country logging into the title on a regular basis, Krafton has garnered a massive profit.

To thank players for their unwavering support, Krafton India has decided to organize a giveaway contest that offers free UC.

Everything gamers need to know about the BGMI ki boli giveaway contest

Following days of teasing on Battlegrounds Mobile India’s social media handles, Krafton India has revealed details of the new BGMI ki boli contest that holds a total of 400000 UC up for grabs. A total of 400 winners will be awarded with 1000 UC each, making the contest one of a kind.

The contest has already begun a few hours ago, and the final date is yet to be announced by the developers. Gamers will need to follow the steps mentioned below to participate in the contest and stand a chance to win free UC.

Step 1: Spot the easter eggs in the BGMI ki Boli trailer. The easter eggs are concealed throughout the video and could be anything related to the world of Battlegrounds Mobile India. So, play the video and pause at the necessary timelines to dissect scenes.

Step 2: Provide details of the particular easter egg you witness and where you see them. This can be done in either of the two ways mentioned below:

  • Record a video using the screen recorder of your device and turn on the microphone.
  • Record a normal video highlighting you spotting the different easter eggs in the trailer.

Step 3: Upload the recorded video on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook via your public channel.

Step 4: Add the hashtag #BGMIKiBoli in the video’s description and tag Battlegrounds Mobile India’s social media handles.

Step 5: Fill the form link to validate your entry. The form requires the following fields to be filled up:

  • Your BGMI ID
  • The number of easter eggs you found in the trailer
  • Provide the link to the uploaded video (showing proof of where you found the easter eggs in the trailer)

BGMI players must remember that each participant only stands a chance to win the 1000 UC if they spot the maximum number of hidden easter eggs (in most probability, all of them). Furthermore, only one entry will be considered per participant. Krafton will reveal the name of the winners and the location of the easter eggs after the contest window closes on the game’s official social media handles.

Participants must also keep in mind that the video submitted must be directly captured by the participant himself/herself.

Moreover, since the previous posts, as well as the new trailer, focus on the different languages in India, it is plausible that the 2.8 update will introduce several vernacular languages as voice messages in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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