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Titanfall 2 is a popular first-person shooter title developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. Despite having a decent fan following, its servers are fairly unstable, and players often experience a lot of connectivity issues. Despite some of the issues being fixed recently, constant complaints have emerged regarding the “contacting Respawn servers” error.

When it comes to multiplayer games, experiencing connectivity issues is normal. But what is the reason behind the Titanfall 2 “contacting Respawn servers” error?

Why does the Titanfall 2 “contacting Respawn servers” error occur?

The reasons for this error can be broadly grouped into two simple categories. The first category consists of reasons related to server-side errors, while the other focuses on client-side issues. While you cannot do anything about server-side issues, you might be able to troubleshoot the latter. That said, here’s what you need to do to fix the Titanfall 2 “contacting Respawn servers” error.

How to fix the Titanfall 2 “contacting Respawn servers” error

Since this is a client-side issue, here are a few fixes to troubleshoot this error:

1) Restart your network devices

Usually, a faulty network connection causes this error, so restarting your network devices, i.e., your modem and router, should be the first step. Whenever you restart these devices, you force the network to establish a fresh connection with the servers.

2) Check firewall settings

More often than not, your Windows Firewall will block any outbound connection requests. Although multiplayer games get added as an exception by default, there are times when you may have to do it manually.

If you’re getting the aforementioned error, check out your firewall settings. If the game isn’t added as an exception to the list, then you will have to do so manually.

3) Switch to a wired connection

Wired connections are always more stable than wireless connections. If this error gets triggered by an unstable internet connection, then switching to a wired connection should fix it. If you have a wired connection, check for cracks and cuts in the cable that connects your PC/console to your modem and router.

4) Check server status

While the above three solutions work well for client-side errors, there’s one remedy to deal with server-side issues: wait. If there’s an ongoing server issue, developers are sure to list it on their official X handles or forums. Moreover, if a new update has just gone live, you might be experiencing this error due to increased server traffic.

These aforementioned fixes should help you sort out the Titanfall 2 “contacting Respawn servers” error easily. If issues still remain, the last step you can try is to perform a clean install. This should correct any faulty files or configurations that might trigger such an error.

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