How to change photo date/time/location on iPhone in iOS 15

Another small but handy addition with iOS 15 is the ability to edit photos’ EXIF ​​data in the Photos app on iPhone and iPad. Read on for how to change the photo date / time and location for individual and multiple photos.

Whether you have some old photos, scan / import photos or just have some photos with incorrect metadata, until now you have needed to modify it on your Mac with the Photos app or third-party software.

With iOS 15, Apple allows you to easily change the date / time and location of the photo directly in its Photos app on iPhone and iPad. And if you need to edit the date / time / location of multiple photos at once, you can do that too.

iOS 15: How to change photo date / time and location on iPhone

For individual photos

  • In iOS 15, open the Photos app
  • Select the image for which you want to change the date / time
  • Tap the screen to get the bottom menu, select the “i” icon
  • Press Adjust to change the date, time, and position of the image
  • Press done in the upper right corner when done
  • You can also Add a location if there is not one, or tap the arrow in the lower right corner of an existing location> Edit to change it
  • Just below the image you can also see an option to add a caption

For more pictures

You can also select more photos in the Photos app and batch edit date / time and location:

  • Press choose button in the upper right corner
  • Select the images you want
  • Select the Share button (square with up arrow)
  • Swipe down and press Edit date and time or Edit location

This is what the process looks like:

 Change photo date / time and location on iPhone review 1

After pressing “Adjust” to change the date, time and place, you can either use the arrows on the right to change the month and use the calendar selector for the day or press the small arrow next to the month / year on the left to speed up select a year / date further back.

 Change photo date / time and location on iPhone review 2

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