How to change Instagram stories background color

You can get pretty creative with Instagram stories. You can add images, links, stickers and even music to your Instagram story feed. If you need a blank canvas for your story content, you’ll want to know how to change the background color of Instagram stories.

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To change the background color of your Instagram story, start editing your story. Press ᐧᐧᐧ > Draw > Choose a color > Long press the center of the image. When the Instagram story space fills with the selected color, tap the checkmark button to exit drawing mode.

How to change the background color of Instagram stories

When creating something new, it’s always good to start with a blank canvas. With Instagram Stories on the mobile app, it’s no different.

Start by opening Instagram on your Android or iOS device. Enter the Instagram camera by tapping Your story at the top of the app (or swipe in from the left).

open the instagram camera

Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Take any photo with the Instagram camera (or add a photo from the gallery). Then tap on ᐧᐧᐧ button at the top right, then select Draw.

start drawing on instagram

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Choose the color you want for the background from the color picker bar below. Then tap and hold anywhere on the image to flood the entire room with that color.

tap and hold the screen to fill the instagram story with the selected color

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Tap the checkmark at the top right to exit drawing mode. You now have a different color background that you can use as a background for photos, videos and more.

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Frequently asked questions

This is not possible. However, you can save your Instagram story photo on your device. Then go back and flood the image with a solid background color, then add the image as a sticker.

There is not a native setting for this; But if you go into the drawing tool and then long press the screen, you can make a custom background by flooding the Instagram story with that color.


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