How much is it trading for this Tuesday, November 14?

He Dolar blue It is trading at $875 for purchase and $925 for sale, after breaking the mini bullish streak after the presidential debate and in the final stretch towards the runoff.

He informal dollar It is trading stable at $925, according to a survey by Scope in the caves of the City, after the parallel exchange rate climbed $70 between last Thursday and Friday.

How much does the blue dollar rise in the year

So far in 2023, the Dolar blue accumulates a rise of $579 after closing 2022 at $346.

In the monthly accumulated of Septemberthe informal dollar registered an increase of $65 u 8,8%. In Augustthe blue dollar jumped $185 from 33.6% -the most significant monthly increase since April 2020 (+41.3%)- after the 20% devaluation of the peso post PASO.

While in the first part of the year it showed more moderate increases: in julio climbed $53 (+11,3%)in June increase $4 (+0,8%)during mayo climbed $21 (+4,5%)in April went up $74 (+18,73%)in March recorded an increase of $20 (+5,3%)in February accumulated a drop of $6 (-1,6%) and in January the informal dollar advanced $35 (+10,1%).

In 2022, it advanced $138 (+66.4%) after closing 2021 at $208.

How much does the dollar trade at today, Tuesday, November 14

He wholesale dollar quote $350,05, value that the BCRA maintains after the STEP of August 13. This week Economy plans to return to crawling peg al 3% mensual.

For his part, the dollar savings quotes at $735,86.

How much does the MEP dollar trade at today, Tuesday, November 14

He dollar MEP o “dollar bag” rises $7.60 (0.87%) and is sold at $878,23 and the gap with the official it reaches 150.89%.

How much does the CCL dollar trade at today, Tuesday, November 14

The dollar CCL “cash with settlement” advances $2.31 (0.26%) and remains at $878,98 and so, the spread with the official it is at 151.10%.

Price of the tourist dollar today, Tuesday, November 14

He tourist dollar or cardy savings (or solidarity) dollar -which include 30% of the COUNTRY TAX + 45% from Perception of Profits + 25% of Gross Income– is negotiated at $735,86.

Quote of the crypto dollar today, Tuesday, November 14

The crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar falls 1.4% to $907,47based on the average among local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

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