How much are you willing to spend on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 on blue background
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
Source: Pocketnow

It is rumored that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series will be launched along with the new foldable devices, Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4, at the next Galaxy Unpacked event in August. The Galaxy Watch 5 series will reportedly consist of two models, the standard Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

The new smartwatch series will do away with the “Classic” series and simplify the naming scheme. A new one tweet from Roland Quandt confirms the upcoming sizes, prices and various models that we can expect to see in a few months. According to leaked information, the Galaxy Watch 5 will be available in 40 and 44 mm variants with Bluetooth and LTE.


The Galaxy Watch 5 in the size 40 mm will be available in the colors Pink Gold, Gray and Silver, while the 44 mm variant will reportedly come in the colors blue, gray and silver. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is offered in a single 45 mm size with Bluetooth and LTE, and it comes in black and titanium.

Quandt also revealed the alleged prices in euros and it may come as a shocking surprise. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will cost at least € 30 more than last year’s Galaxy Watch 4 series. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will cost even more, and the LTE model is rumored to set you back as much as € 540 (~ $ 560).

Model Size Variant Price
Galaxy Watch 5 40 mm Bluetooth € 300
Galaxy Watch 5 40 mm LTE € 350
Galaxy Watch 5 44 mm Bluetooth € 350
Galaxy Watch 5 44 mm LTE € 400
Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 45 mm Bluetooth € 490
Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 45 mm LTE € 540

Higher prices require higher expectations

Galaxy Watch 4 and Apple Watch Series 7 placed on a fabric surface Source: Aryan Suren to Pocketnow

40 mm, Galaxy Watch 4, the Bluetooth version cost 270 €, while the LTE model cost 320 € when it was launched. It was not cheap, but it was competitive with the Apple Watch. The price increases of € 30 and € 50 are not unexpected, given inflation and global events. However, not many are willing to spend that much on non-Apple devices and it will be hard to convince users to spend extra.

As a result, users will have much higher expectations for the Galaxy Watch 5 series. The next generation of Galaxy smartwatches must have a competitive battery life for the Apple Watch, and health features must be improved for better and more accurate measurements.

By comparison, the Apple Watch Series 6 would last me about two to three days on a single charge, and that’s something I expect to see on new Android alternatives. Offering a minimum of 2 days of battery life is crucial and a must-have.

Initially, I planned to buy the Bluetooth version of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, but the new significantly higher prices changed many things. Spending almost € 500 (~ $ 530) on a smartwatch that can barely last a day, let alone two days on a single charge, is not something I’m willing to spend my money on. If the leak turns out to be accurate, I can already see that Samsung is having a hard time selling the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, but it’s worth remembering that it’s rumored to come with a larger battery capacity and support for fast charging.

Fast charging during this time is a must, and although the Galaxy Watch 5 series can be charged in just 30 minutes, it will not be enough to appeal to many users. Fast charging is incredible and very useful, but requiring users to take the watch off every day to charge the device is not something many are willing to put up with, including myself.

The new smartwatches need a minimum of 2 days of battery life to be appealing and offer unique features that can directly go head-to-head with the Apple Watch Series 7. That’s not all; we also want to see better build quality, smoother animations and better connectivity.

What do you think about the prices of the leaked Galaxy Watch 5 series? Are you considering getting a Galaxy Watch 5 or Galaxy Watch 5 Pro? Tell us in the comments!


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