How Katherine Ryan accused fellow comedian of being a ‘sexual predator’ and told Louis Theroux accusations against him were ‘an open secret’

  • The comedian claimed she confronted a male comic over his alleged behaviour

Katherine Ryan previously claimed to have told a comedian ‘to his face’ that he was a sexual predator and that accusations against this person were an ‘open secret’.

The Canadian comic and writer told Louis Theroux that she had confronted the unnamed man while they worked together on a TV show in front of the audience ‘again and again’.

Speaking in 2022, the 40-year-old said she had no qualms with doing so as she had decided to handle it ‘like a man’ – although the confrontation itself was later cut from the broadcast.

In her chat with Theroux, Ms Ryan claimed she had received criticism afterwards for not naming the person in question in public, but said just talking about him was a ‘litigious minefield’ as he had ‘very good lawyers’.

The comedian added that it was ‘not my story to tell’ but that she believed the accusations as the sources were ‘very credible’.

Katherine Ryan, pictured attending the WellChild Awards in London earlier this month, says she confronted an alleged sexual predator on a TV show
In an interview with Louis Theroux, pictured with Ms Ryan last year, the comedian claimed she had told the man he was a sexual predator ‘to his face’

Ryan, who this morning posted pictures of herself playing her baby daughter on Instagram, has been outspoken about sexual assault and misconduct in TV and on the comedy circuit.

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Speaking on an episode of her Prime Video series Backstage with Katherine Ryan in June last year, the comedian told fellow comic Sara Pascoe: ‘I’ve done a show with someone who you and I believe is a predator.’

Ms Ryan told Pascoe, who also knew the name of the accused: ‘I raised it. I called him a predator to his face and in front of everyone every day.

The Independent reports she added: ‘What am I supposed to do? It’s such a messy thing because I don’t have proof. What, am I not supposed to feed my children because of someone else?’

She addressed the topic again in an interview with Louis Theroux later in the year during an episode of his BBC series Louis Theroux Interviews…

Speaking to the broadcaster, Ms Ryan said she felt people could be ‘cancelled’ if they ‘accuse too many men of sexual assault’ as that would lead you to be ‘labelled a troublemaker and people won’t book you anymore’.

Theroux then asked: ‘You were in the papers recently for saying there was a ‘predator’ that you worked with, that you had informed the employers that he was a predator?’

Ms Ryan clarified that she hadn’t told his employers, but that ‘I informed him to his face that he was a predator.’

She went on to say she thought the person was a ‘perpetrator of sexual assault’ before adding it was ‘very dangerous for us to have this conversation. 

Ms Ryan, pictured here at the National Television Awards earlier this month, said speaking about the alleged predator was a ‘litigious minefield’
The comedian shared footage of her with her adorable daughter after an early start on Sunday morning

Ms Ryan, pictured here on Loose Women in July last year, said the sources of the allegations against the man were ‘very credible’

She said: ‘I’m happy to have it. It is a litigious minefield because lots of people have tried to nail this person down for their alleged crimes and this person has very good lawyers.’

The comedian said the reason she had not named them publicly was because it could have risked her family’s position. 

‘So am I going to put my mortgage on the line by saying who this person is and entering into any conversations like that?’ she said.

‘We’ve seen what happens to people who talk about alleged predators. I mean, it’s not really my story to tell.

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‘No one has perpetrated any sexual assaults against me, but this person I believe very strongly – so do a lot of people believe very strongly, it’s an open secret – is a perpetrator of sexual assault. 

Ms Ryan claimed she ‘in front of loads of people in the format of the show, said to this person’s face that they were a predator’, adding she did it ‘again and again’.

The Mock The Week and Taskmaster star added that her confrontation of the accused was cut from the show by editors before it was broadcast.

She said: ‘I still got paid and I still did my job, but I did it in my way that I felt was fair. 

‘This is what we talk about – this is what female comics and actresses and women in my industry talk about all the time because that’s the safest way to talk about it.

‘I didn’t tell any employer or blow any whistle or do anything at all. I handled it, for lack of a better term, like a man and said it to his face.’

Addressing criticism she received for not naming the person in question when her confrontation with them became public knowledge, she said: ‘They [the sources] are really credible. 

‘But also, every time these things are eventually proven – and you look at Bill Cosby and you look at Harvey Weinstein and you look at the unmentionable British personality – everybody knew.

‘I didn’t mean to cause a stir about it, I say things as they are.’

MailOnline has contacted Katherine Ryan’s representatives for comment. 

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