How can businesses double their revenue in a post COVID-19 world

The world and its customers are constantly evolving. The pandemic has changed the way service companies operate. Even as the world began to open up, consumer buying behaviors and habits have changed due to being closed at home for two years.

Consumers are willing to pay for goods online and are also willing to pay for services before coming down to a physical location.

Companies that do not adapt to bringing their products or services online and changing their marketing methods will be left behind. The days of running an ad on social media and getting leads to meet face to face to sell them a service are outdated, inefficient and expensive.

The biggest advantage of marketing and selling services online is work less and earn more.

The traditional way of marketing and selling services is as follows:

  • Step 1: Advertise online to gather leads
  • Step 2: Call and get information about a lead
  • Step 3: Arrange a face-to-face meeting
  • Step 4: Conduct a face-to-face sales presentation to train and sell the services
  • Step 5: Follow up manually to close the sale

Each step requires the optimization of a moving part that carries an additional cost and increased dropout rate. This process is not efficient.

But to choose to sell and perform services online translated into fewer fulfillment costs, rental costs and increased ability to serve more customers.

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Even traditional service companies like spas, facials and wellness centers can benefit from getting customers online.

Since they can get customers to pay for their services in advance, this greatly helps them manage their liquidity and secure sales as early as possible, thus covering their advertising costs and effectively scaling their advertising campaigns faster.

Here are two simple key points about how we did it:

Using videos with educational content as a filter

Most companies will educate their customers about their services before selling them their offerings.

For example, a facial informs customers about their unique extraction methods before selling them a complete face pack. Before you sell them a personalized training package, a fitness company educates its customers about their unique weight loss methods.

These are usually performed during the sales process in a one-on-one setting where it is time consuming and does not suit unqualified leads.

Instead, at Ascend Marketing, we help these companies train 100 to 1,000 people in 30 to 90 minutes by creating ads to promote a free educational video or live event using an online sales funnel. This can be easily set up in 30 minutes and done in scale or even automated.

The educational video content will act as a filter to sniff out interesting perspectives and encourage them to book a video call.

This will help save time and resources by making outgoing calls and increasing closing prices when business owners talk to customers who are genuinely interested.

These high quality leads are also more willing to make a purchase right after the video call and before they physically drop.

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We also help business owners seamlessly set up payment pages, issue invoices and collect payments through integration into a payment gateway.

Strong automated follow-up systems

The fortune is in the follow-up. In today’s market, consumers prefer to be contacted on their terms and times, and some may prefer text messages, while others prefer emails. Many people do not like outgoing phone calls unless they are informed in advance.

With this in mind, we strongly recommend having automated care sequences such as email marketing and text marketing. The beauty of such sequences is that they are automated. Business owners only need one set of messages and set it up automatically for all leads. This ensures a consistent sales experience.

The automated sequences we have in place are behavior-based, which means that different sequences are sent out based on what the lead does.

For example, if a lead did not book a call, they will be sent a reminder sequence to encourage them to order a call. If a prospect did not sign up, they will be sent a care sequence to educate them about the sales process and eventually sign up for our customers’ services.

As these sequences are automated, new leads are nurtured 24/7 to become paying customers. These automated sequences will reduce staff costs and human error.

As a result of having made many successful marketing campaigns for different customers from different niches in the past, Ascend Marketing has created template emails and text sequences that any business owner can use for their own business. They can implement these templates, clone and have automated follow-up campaigns ready to use.

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