How Artificial Intelligence Can Help with the Recruitment Process

Artificial intelligence can be found everywhere, from dating websites to cars. Another application of artificial intelligence can be found in the recruitment industry, which has needed this renewal ever since the internet was invented.

The various uses of AI have been proven through its incorporation in recruitment, where it has also eased the job of recruiters and job seekers. From automation to faster decision making, artificial intelligence is here to help recruiters rather than replace them. The time it takes to hire has been reduced, while the quality of hiring has been greatly improved with these tools.

There is an underlying reason for AI’s success in recruitment. The reason is the big change in working habits we have seen in recent years. Workers have needed more flexible working hours, and many offices have switched to home office work. Working habits have also changed, and employee turnover has now increased to over 50% annually.

This is how AI works

Artificial intelligence is simply a program that runs complex algorithms to arrive at an answer or conclusion. These algorithms need large amounts of data to be as accurate as possible. Essentially, AI programs are made and taught to make complex decisions. These decisions also take less time, since the computing power of such a program exceeds that of an average human.

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The two most important concepts for AI recruiting are automation and streamlining. The automation of recruitment means that the AI ​​software can scan through hundreds or thousands of resumes depending on the strength of the program. This removes the burden of time-consuming tasks from recruiters and frees up time for more important tasks.

Automation and summary review

Recruiting software looks for specific keywords in resumes, as well as experience and other determining factors, to pass them on to the next stage of the recruiting process. This means that the first stage of reviewing CVs is not carried out by a human recruiter, taking this time-consuming task off their hands.

After scanning resumes, AI can also scan personal information. This is necessary if the program is also used for organizational purposes, which it often is. The program may forward information about employees or interviewed candidates for the recruiter to review and organize.

Background and reference checks

Artificial intelligence can also conduct background and reference checks on potential candidates. The reason companies need background checks is to reduce the risk of hiring someone with a complicated background in previous work experience or with law enforcement. These checks can easily be performed by an AI program instead of a recruiter.

Checking references is not always required by companies, although it falls under the same category as background checks. The way these programs perform reference checks on candidates is by checking the candidate’s references and attempting to contact them by sending an email or a digital questionnaire. These programs also send gentle reminders when some time has passed.

Planning and conversations

Artificial intelligence can also help plan and organize the recruitment process. These programs often come with calendar integration that lets recruiters and job seekers see each other’s schedules. This also means that the software can automatically schedule interviews so that candidates can meet with recruiters.

The reason all this automation is so important is that it allows recruiters to have more face-to-face time with the most qualified candidates. This increases the chances of candidates being hired by a company that is a good fit for them, and it also allows recruiters to fully assess how a candidate is likely to be in the workplace.

Internal mobility processes

Internal mobility is a term used for employment that takes place exclusively within a company. This means that the AI ​​software scans the employee information in a company.

This recruitment strategy saves time by reducing the amount spent on searching for new employees as well as the average cost all around. If you are hiring from your own company, you don’t need to go through the onboarding process with the recruit as they are already familiar with the company.

Various uses for AI

Some recruitment companies have found innovative ways to use artificial intelligence in the recruitment field. Lensa has found a way to increase its user experience by using AI. Lensa is an online job board that uses artificial intelligence in its recruitment processes to make life easier for its users and create more flexible access to the workforce.

Lensa has created a workstyle game, which is a small video game made for candidates to assess any hidden soft skills they may have that could prove useful in their employment. This game uses artificial intelligence to analyze and conclude results for the skills the player has, which can then be used in their CV.

Creation of CV

Artificial intelligence can also be used to generate resumes by submitting all necessary information into a program that then creates a presentable, well-organized resume for the current candidate. There are also resume editing software that can point out any unwanted information you may have accidentally typed into your resume.


Artificial intelligence has been the shining star of the tech world for some time now, with these AI recruitment programs helping the lives of thousands of workers. This software has turned a process that would have otherwise taken weeks to complete into an operation that takes only seconds.

We are sure that countless other uses of artificial intelligence will emerge in the coming years to further make people’s jobs easier, as the purpose of these programs is to assist, not replace, human workers. The creativity these programs give us sets the sky as the limit.

By Gergo Vari


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