How 5G speeds compare at the 25 busiest US airports

A new study from Opensignal looks at how 5G performance compares at the 25 busiest airports vs 5G / LTE overall speeds as well as putting the numbers up against the national average in the US. Despite Verizon and AT&T pushing back their plans to launch 5G C-band coverage near airports due to FAA concerns, the airport’s 5G connection offers an impressive experience.

While Opensignal found that average 5G download speeds were 2-3 times faster at the 25 busiest US airports than the overall average, it also revealed another interesting finding, users spent on average 6.5 times more time with no signal in these airports.

Opensignals results are based on data collected from March to May this year from within two miles of the 25 busiest airports (according to the FAA).

Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and LaGuardia were the top three airports with the fastest average 5G download speeds.

SLC came in with an average of 221.4 Mbps, LAX with 200.8 Mbps and LGA with 199.2 Mbps. SLC and LAX 5G speeds were 3 times faster than the overall 5G / LTE average.

 fastest 5G speeds US airports

For the big picture, 5G in the top 25 airports averaged 129.1 Mbps, while the US national average was 119 Mbps. Total download speed at the 25 airports was 51 Mbps compared to 38.6 for the US average.

But while overall 5G and LTE experiences are better at the top 25 U.S. airports, Opensignal also found that time without signal was 5.7% of the time compared to the low national average of 0.9% – that’s a 6 , 5 times more likely to have no signal.

Here is a detailed overview of the airports with the worst coverage:

See the full report from Opensignal for full details.

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