History is not going to be erased

In the run-up to the presidential definition of November 19ththe candidate for vice president Freedom Advances, Victoria Villarruelreiterated his intention to destroy the ESMA Memory Museumrecognized as universal heritage of the UNESCO. In that framework, Carlotto’s Stele He highlighted the intentions of the libertarian leader.

“Which wants to erase history. And history is not going to be erased because that is what we are for. human rights organizations and the Argentine people“said the head of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo who thought that Victoria Villarruel “She thinks she is a queen who can erase everything and put in what she wants.”

Interviewed on Futurock radio, she stressed that the ESMA Memory Museum “It is a global image of what the repression in Argentina“. “We are working very hard to don’t lose your memoryto advance the best for our society. We do nothing with resentment, with anger. In my opinion, let him say whatever antics he wants. Let’s not waste time on this person. “I’m not going to waste a minute of my life,” he added.

Victoria Villarruel asked to destroy ESMA because “we need schools”

The candidate for vice president of Freedom Advances, Victoria Villarruelquestioned the use of Museum of Memory and Human Rights of the former ESMA: “There are 17 hectares that could be enjoyed by the entire town. We should think about having a vision that includes us all.”

At the time those hectares were destined to be schools and what we need most are schools. So, I think we should think a little about having a broad vision of the human rightsthat includes all of us, and that allows, with the passage of time and with great respect, to close the situations that hurt us as a society,” she added when interviewed on TN.

In addition to functioning as a training site for members of the Armadaduring the last military dictatorship the building of the ESMA was used as clandestine detention, torture and extermination center where at least 5000 people were murdered. At the moment, it’s a museum with free and open access, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Nunez.

The ESMA Museum entered the UNESCO World Heritage List

He ESMA Site Museumspace to promote memory in matters of human rightsentered the UNESCO World Heritage List. The definition was known during the 45th session of the World Heritage Committee, which highlighted the “outstanding universal value” of the space.

As announced during the session, it is established that the ESMA Memorial Site Museum – Former Clandestine Detention, Torture and Extermination Center It is associated with and representative of the illegal repression carried out and coordinated by the dictatorships of Latin America in the 1970s and 1980s on the basis of the forced disappearance of people.

In this way, the Museum Site becomes part of the list that includes places with an “exceptional universal value” that belong to the common heritage of humanity, in accordance with the provisions of the 1972 World Heritage Convention. It has been ratified by 194 countries that are part of an international community united in the joint mission of identifying and protecting the most important natural and cultural heritage of our planet.

What is it to be a denialist in Argentina?

He denialism of the State terrorism in Argentina consists of the act of denying the crimes that were perpetrated in the civil-military dictatorship which took place in the country between March 1976 and December 1983. The denialism reaches the denial of the existence of missingjustify their kidnappings and murders, conceive that there was a symmetrical war or relativize the figure of 30,000agreed upon by a series of actors since the recovery of democracy.

In that sense, we talk about denialism to point out the points of view that antagonize the agreements reached by the Argentine society since 1983, with the return of the democratic model, to consider that the acts planned and executed by the civil-military dictatorship They constitute crimes against humanity, are imprescriptible, must be judged and cannot be repeated.

Among them, crimes organized by the Military Junta are contemplated, which include: threats, extortion, kidnapping, torture, illegitimate deprivation of liberty, sexual abuse, appropriation of babies, murder and kidnapping of bodies.

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