his life of luxury around the world after the breakup of Víctor Sandoval

It is inevitable that the name of Nacho Polo don’t wander through your head every time Víctor Sandoval is mentioned. Among other things because he is the second one who always shoehorns it into every conversation. They lived a torrid romance that ended in a breakup capable of leaving Shakira and Piqué at the underground level. Its story begins in 1994 at Mediaset. Víctor appeared in ‘What part are you on?’, by José María Íñigo, in the role of music critic and Nacho acted as a hostess in the space.

It was love at first sight that led to a wedding held at Madrid City Hall and officiated by Trinidad Jiménez. The beginning of the chaos would arrive in Miami, the destination to which the couple moved in search of work. And they achieved it, at least Sandoval, as a correspondent for ‘La Noria’ from Florida.

But fate had a new setback in store for Victor: the bite of a spider. Unexpected accident due to which he traveled back to Spain with the aim of treating the injury. During these comings and goings, with medical check-ups included, he obtained a permanent position as a talk show host for ‘Sálvame’.


Víctor visiting the house where he lived with Polo in Miami – Netflix

The commentator’s return to Telecinco opened a gap in his romance with the interior designer, and Víctor did not bite his tongue when it came to bringing up his marital problems live. Until the breakup came and he, in a constant nervous breakdown, implored his now ex to explain to him what had happened.

‘Intimate enemies’ was the set where Polo warned that the presenter’s television interventions had ruined their relationship. and this was light for what came next. Sandoval came to stand with the cameras of ‘Save me‘ in Miami and in search and capture of Nacho, so that later both lived a tense face to face on the same Telecinco show.


The face to face of Víctor and Nacho – Telecinco

What happened to Nacho Polo

Polo lives in full force. You just have to take a look at his Instagram account to realize it. While Sandoval has gone through endless economic hardships after the separation, the interior designer has traveled the world and to destinations deluxe like Paris, Saint-Tropez or Marrakech.

What do you work on? Nacho, in his biography, reveals that he is the founder, CEO and creative director of ‘Studio Twenty Seven’, a art Gallery based in New York, Miami, London, Dubai and Hong Kong. Little joke.

Nacho maintains a relationship with Robert Onuska, as seen in several posts on their social networks. They are both art collectors, that’s how they define themselves in their profile, but also fashion collectors. And it is rare that a publication does not boast a display of branded bags.

Photos | Netflix, Gtres and Telecinco

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