HidrateSpark app deep dive

Sold in Apple Stores, the HidrateSpark PRO STEEL is a smart water bottle designed to remind you to drink more water. At the bottom of the bottle is a sensor puck that tracks your water intake and uses Bluetooth to sync your information with the HidrateSpark app.

9to5Mac‘s José Adorno has previously covered HidrateSpark PRO STEEL in a review. I have also been using the smart water bottle for a while and would like to take a closer look at this device. Let’s also take a deeper look at the app to determine if a smart water bottle is actually worth buying …

What can you do with the HidrateSpark app?

The HidrateSpark app is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android devices. In the app you can track the location of your water bottle. You can also challenge friends, see your water intake and set goals for yourself.

You can still use the app if you do not have the HidrateSpark water bottle connected. Water intake, hydration tracking, measurements and more features are still available as long as you update manually. The app also allows users to connect their information to Apple Health and others like Fitbit, Garmin, Under Armor and Health Mate. You can also customize settings in the app to make it remind you to drink – whether it’s on your Apple Watch or iPhone or iPad.

Maybe my favorite thing to do in the app is change the color of the glow on the sensor puck at the bottom of the bottle. The bottle glow is designed to remind you to drink water so you can reach your goals. You have the option to adjust or turn off the glow completely from within the app. The app gives you six glow colors for free; if you want to customize colors, pay $ 4.99 for “GlowStudio”. It’s not something I would recommend paying for, but there is always a market of people who will pay extra to customize.

How to recalibrate your HidrateSpark water bottle

Sometimes you will need to recalibrate your smart water bottle. According to HidrateSpark, make sure your bottle is empty and placed upright on a flat surface. Then open the app and go to the Bottles page. Next to the bottle you will find three dots and select “Recalibrate Sensor”. Follow the instructions from the app and place the bottle on a flat surface again. Let it sit for about 10 seconds.

Track your beverage intake history with the HidrateSpark app

In the latest HidrateSpark app update, you can assign fluid types other than water to your intake history. With this you can track all other beverages you have drunk, not just water from your HidrateSpark. The app will break down how much of each beverage you have drunk so you can gain insight into your consumption. You can also adjust or delete your water intake if you have made a mistake.

HidrateSpark app history

HidrateSpark challenges

On the Social tab, you can challenge your friends with a ranking. If none of your friends have a HidrateSpark water bottle, you can take part in public challenges. For example, I’m part of the challenge called “Save 250K Bottles Before Summer with about 4,500 other users. Collected in the HidrateSpark app, we track how many plastic bottles we’ve saved and we can earn exclusive trophies if the challenge’s goals are met.

 HidrateSpark app challenge

Overall thoughts on HidrateSpark

While it may seem unnecessary to some to own a device like this, there are usage issues. HidrateSpark has conducted several clinical trials testing the effectiveness of a smart water bottle. People with certain health needs may need to track their water intake and this is a wonderful tool for these users. For someone who simply just wants a good cup to keep their drinks, I would recommend otherwise.

Do you use a HidrateSpark smart water bottle? Has it helped you drink more? Tell us in the comments below.

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