Here Are Some Very Good Word Cloud Generators for Teachers and Students

The purpose of today’s post is to share with you this collection that contains some very good tools to help you create beautiful word clouds. Whether you want to collect student feedback, summarize a long passage, or simply create a beautiful piece of art to integrate into your teaching, these word cloud tools are ideal to start with. They are simple and easy to use and do not even require any technical or graphic design knowledge.
Word cloud generators

1. Shapecloud

Shapecloud is a free word art generator from Creative Fabrica that allows you to easily generate your own word art. To begin creating your word art, select a shape of your choice. You can either choose from Shapecloud’s pre-made shapes, or you can upload your custom shape through an SVG file.

Once your shape is chosen, enter the words you want to include in your word art, then choose your favorite font and color. Once your design is complete, you can download it in various formats including PNG, SVG or as a PDF file. The free version of Shapecloud supports up to 5 downloads, to unlock the full features of Shapecloud you need to get a premium subscription.

2. WordItOut

WordItOut is another great word cloud generator that lets you create beautiful words for free. No registration is required either. Some of the many features it offers include:
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  • Customize the settings as you like
  • “Create word clouds from sentences, entire documents or tables.
  • Decide how to filter the text, which words to show or remove, and adjust their meaning with ease.
  • Design your word cloud however you want, find the perfect layout, choose your own colors, fonts and sizes (and how to mix them), or let WordItOut find a random look for you!
  • Keep track of your word clouds
  • Share your word cloud with the world (or keep it a secret!)
  • Easily integrate them into your own website (as big or small as you want)
  • Download your own copy as an image file.”

3. WordCloud Generator

WordCloud Generator by MonkeyLearn is powered by artificial intelligence so you can generate wordclouds with higher accuracy. WordCloud Generator gives you three ways to enter your text: you can type it, paste it, or upload a text file. The maximum number of characters that can be analyzed using this word maker is 200000 characters.

Using the toolbar on top of the generated word cloud, you can easily change the theme of your word, edit text color, customize background color with the option to apply a transparent background, change text font and word count, and many more.

WordCloud Generator
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Another cool feature of MonkeyLearn is the ability to create word clouds of sentences based on the collocations embedded in your text. Your last word can be downloaded in .SVG or .PNG formats. In order to use MonkeyLearn, you must register.

4. Art of words

Word Art (formerly Tagul) is a great wordle cloud art generator for teachers and students. You can easily create professional looking word art without the need for any graphic design skills. The process is simple: enter your text, click Visualize, then customize your word cloud. You can type your text or import it from a CSV or Excel file.
Word art
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You can then edit your wordle art as you like. For example, click Shapes to apply a specific shape to your word cloud. Shapes are arranged in several categories that include Emoji, Hearts, Money, Nature, Numbers, Christmas, People and many more.


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