Here are some ‘big things’ that might launch at Apple October event

Apple promises “big things” at its product event, which takes place on October 18. While that’s the only tip we have, leaks have revealed details of a few extra large Macs that might fit the bill.

And there could be good news for fans of both the MacBook and iMac at the “Unleashed” event.

Apple: ‘big things coming soon’

Apple’s tweet reads: “Great things are coming soon.” And it comes with the date and time of the upcoming event, which was announced several days ago.

Great things are coming soon. Set up for a special #AppleEvent on October 18 at 10 PDT. Press 💙 and we will send you a reminder on the day of the event.

Of course, this can only be a hype. Cupertino does not have to talk about products that are literally big.

On the other hand, Apple apparently likes to drop tips on its plans. As just one example, the multicolored logo used for the April 2021 event predicted the many colors of the iMac announced that day.

Plus, leaks of Apple’s plans have revealed several devices that may fit the description of “big things.”

Great MacBook benefits

Apple will reportedly unveil a redesigned 16-inch MacBook Pro at its October event. This will be the company’s largest notebook, even though it is the same size as one already available.

And a 14-inch MacBook Pro is also reportedly on the dock. While not Apple’s largest, it’s expected to replace the current 13 – inch model. Because bigger is better.

Leaks say these will run a new Apple M1X processor and be the return of a built-in SD card reader and an HDMI port. And a MagSafe charger. But no LED Touch Bar. Plus, it may be the first Macs with mini-LED screens.

Great iMac

Another option for the Apple October event is a larger, faster version of the iMac, launched in early 2021. But it’s something of a longshot. Few if any details have been leaked – unusual for a computer that will reportedly be revealed in a few days. And a tipster with a reliable story says this desk will not start until 2022.

The iMac will reportedly run the M1X processor. It may be 27 inches like its predecessor from 2020 or 30 inches or even 32 inches. You know, bigger.

And not so great things

Everything coming to the Apple event on October 18 is not expected to be bigger. AirPods 3 is reportedly on the agenda. They will, of course, be small.

And an even smaller version of the iMac mini can also be revealed. But it will still find room for double the number of Thunderbolt ports.

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