“He did what he had to do to protect the Catalans”

The Minister of the Interior, Joan Ignasi Elena, has come out in defense of the former Minister of Health, Alba Vergés, in relation to the controversy in the vaccination process of the national police and civil guards. The councilor has assured that he is convinced that she “did what I had to do to protect all Catalans”. In an interview in RTVE, Elena has considered that is “unspeakable” to think that a political leader “with what happened those months, those years” discriminated against people who He was vaccinated based on his work, origin or by the administration for which he worked. “We were talking about people’s lives, about living or dying,” she recalled. In this sense, she has regretted that these issues are being insinuated, and has assured that “this minister “what is not written happened.”

Security Board of Catalonia

The head of the Interior has also spoken about the request made this Wednesday by the Junts spokesperson in Parliament, Albert Batet, for the will convene a new Security Board of Catalonia. Elena has assured that she has not taken Batet’s words as criticism, in fact, she considers that “it is reasonable” for her to present her concern for the country’s security. In this sense, she has confirmed that a plenary session on security will be held in Parliament, in response to the request made by the PSC in this regard. “It seems healthy to talk about security in a reasonable manner,” he pointed out. The councilor also explains that they have reinforced the intensity of the security of certain spaces as a result of the situation in Israel and the Gaza Stripand that they monitor people due to the risk that they could commit a solo attack.

Elena has also spoken about the protest and occupation of the reception of the Cortés hotel that took place in Barcelona on Saturday and where the Mossos identified several people. The councilor has not gone into evaluating the police action, but he has warned that the current situation makes The police protect the interests of countries and people at risk. He recalled that Catalonia and the State are in the Enhanced terrorist alert level 4which means that surveillance and protection are intensified in key infrastructures, spaces with large agglomerations and economic interests of countries susceptible to an attack.

PSOE-Sumar Agreement

In relation to the agreement presented this week between PSOE and Sumar In view of an investiture of Pedro Sánchez, he regretted that no reference was made to Catalonia. “It is surprising that they assume that They don’t talk about the resolution of the conflict.” Furthermore, he has assured that the agreement invades the powers of the Generalitat, as the Minister of Territory denounced this Tuesday, Ester Capella, “who will pay for it” is not specified. “We did not see the budget allocations with these announcements and without talking to those who are competent“.

Elena recalled that she is not part of the ERC negotiating team, but considers that they have changed the perception that the agreement between the socialists and the republicans was done. The councilor has insisted that the pact has to be made on the basis of the amnesty, the fiscal deficit, Rodalies and the resolution of the political conflict: “Who can best respond to the details of the negotiation It is Pedro Sánchez, who is the one who wants to be invested“.

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