Halloween Sale: $14 genuine lifetime Windows 10 Pro key + free Windows 11 upgrade

This software activation key sale post is presented by CdkeySales.com.

Some previously offered CdkeySales.com discounts Cult of Mac readers 20% discount on company’s already cheap software product activation keys. But now, in CdkeySales’ Halloween sale, you can get a giant one 30% discount great products like Genuine Lifetime Windows 10 Pro and many more. See the list below – and don’t forget to use the coupon code CULT to lock in your best savings.

CdkeySales.com: Get 30% off coupon code CULT

How to use the coupon and activate the software

You can get real-life activation of Windows 10 Pro plus a Windows 11 upgrade.
Image: CdkeySales

The ordering process on CdkeySales.com is easy. On the software product page, just click Buy now button. Then Log in to the website with your email address and password, or create an account.

Be sure to enter the special coupon code CULT in Promotional code box to get 30% off your order. Once you have chosen yours payment type and make the purchase, a software activation key code and a link will be sent to you. You follow the link to download the software from the official website.

Use the coupon code CULT during the simple payment process to get your 30% discount.
Use the coupon code CULT during the simple payment process to get your 30% discount.
Photo: CdkeySales

After downloading, you can quickly activate your software via a short and simple process. On the activation page, you can link your Microsoft account if it is not already linked by clicking Add an account. So below Update product key, you can click Change product key and insert your new product key code. After entering your product key, you should see a blue box indicating that the software is enabled.

The blue box indicates that you have activated your Microsoft software key.
The blue box indicates that you have activated your Microsoft software key.
Photo: CdkeySales

Is it necessary to update Microsoft software?

When it comes to Microsoft’s operating system and productivity software, you may be wondering why you should bother updating. There are really good reasons to keep up to date with the products.

First, software generally gets better with time. When you get the latest versions of operating system and productivity software, you make sure you can take advantage of the latest features and the most up-to-date functionality. Developers typically add exciting new features instead of taking them away.

Plus, newer versions of software typically prove more secure. They often include patches and upgrades that alleviate security issues in older versions.

When you postpone updating software, you can also run into serious inconveniences along the way. Microsoft will eventually stop supporting old versions. If you own the latest, greatest version, avoid worrying about losing access to technical support when a problem arises. You will most likely prefer that to being forced to upgrade when you eventually run into a problem.

The fine print

Keep in mind that CdkeySales.com’s licenses are non-transferable. The software keys are valid for a single activation on a single computer (except where two PCs are listed). If you start using another computer in less than a year, you will need to purchase another license to continue using the software.

Given the huge discounts you can currently get from CdkeySales’ already low prices, the above limitations probably don’t seem like a big deal.

To get your 30% discount, shop at CdkeySales.com and enter the discount code CULT at checkout.


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