The ransomware hackers behind last year’s MacBook Pro schedule leak have now been arrested in Russia, the FSB announced today in a press release (via Reuters).

14 16 inch 2021 mbps back to back function
Following an initial arrest late last year, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) explained that it has arrested 14 members of “REvil”, an organized criminal organization that used malicious software to extort funds from companies.

In April 2021, REvil attacked Taiwanese Apple supplier Quanta Computer. The group continued to post detailed stolen charts of 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, seven months before the device was officially unveiled.

The comprehensive chart revealed the newly designed MacBook Pro’s notches, case design, ports, full-size function keys instead of Touch Bar and more. The leak was so detailed that it reportedly helped repair technicians.

REvil threatened to release more forms and documents for each day, Apple did not pay a ransom of $ 50 million, but the first leaked documents disappeared a few days later. In October 2021, several governments launched a combined effort to bring REvil offline.

According to the FSB, REvil now ceases to exist after the recent arrests and its information infrastructure has been neutralized. REvil’s funds have been seized from 25 addresses in Russia, amounting to over $ 5.5 million in cryptocurrency, cash, cars and equipment. US authorities have also been informed of the development.

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