Great Social Emotional Learning Apps to Use with Students and Kids

Social emotional learning (SEL), as defined by EQ, is “the process by which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions. ”

Today’s technology offers numerous tools and resources to help improve students’ social and emotional reading skills. Below are iPad apps that you can use for this purpose. I compiled this selection based on recommendations from Common Sense Media, Edutopia and Tech and Learning. You can also check out this resource on using emojis to improve students’ SEL skills.
Social emotional learning apps

1- Mood meter

Mood Meter provides students with a color-coded chart of emotions organized by two dimensions: energy and comfort. The diagram is composed of four quadrants, each of which is associated with a particular emotion. Students use the form to plot their feelings and give explanations as to why they have what they have. Based on student feedback, the app provides suggestions for regulatory strategies that include quotes, pictures, and practical tips. Check out the full review of Mood Meter to learn more about using this app with your students and kids.

2- Breathe, think, do with sesame

This app offers various interactive activities and challenges to teach students a range of SEL skills such as problem solving, strategic thinking, perseverance, resilience, self-control and planning. While students help the Sesame Street monster calm down and solve everyday challenges, they learn to take deep breaths to calm down and develop a rich emotional vocabulary.

3- Super better

SuperBetter draws on in-game learning to help users “build resilience, achieve goals and tackle challenges, including anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain, concussion recovery and more.”

4- Dilemma

Quandary is a learning game that teaches students the following skills: critical thinking, empathy, perspective making, decision making, problem solving, moral reasoning, global awareness, collaboration and many more.

Compatibility: iPhone / iPad and Android / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 4+

5- Press and learn

Touch and Learn helps students learn and recognize emotions by using a wide range of images. As a teacher, you can use the app to introduce students to new (or existing) concepts regarding emotions and behaviors.

6- Fun

This is definitely one of the best apps students can use to practice and learn all about mindfulness and guided meditation through breathing programs, stretching exercises and relaxing music.

social emotional learning apps

7. Wondergate

Wondergate is an app that helps parents teach their children emotional skills using a wide range of educational activities, application tips and animated and soothing tools. Other features provided by Wondergate include: short meditations to soothe worries, educational video content, deep breathing exercises, affirmations for positive self-talk and growth thinking and more.

Compatibility: iPhone / iPad / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 4+

8. Social Story Creator & Library

Social Story Creator & Library uses the pedagogical power of social stories to teach children social skills. The app offers an increasing number of social stories organized by skills, and which can be easily printed out. The app also allows students to create their own social stories using images, recordings and text.

Compatibility: iPhone / iPad / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 4+

9. Smiling mind

Smiling Mind is a SEL app that helps improve students’ mental well-being through the power of mindfulness meditation. Smiling Mind resources are designed to help users deal with stress, pressure and challenges in everyday life. These resources include sleep programs for adults and children, meditations guided by smooth and soothing voices and more.

10. Carousel: SEL for everyone

Carousel offers a wide range of lessons and activities to help users develop a range of SEL skills, including mindfulness, gratitude, positive relationships and self-awareness. The app also enables teachers and parents to track the progress of their children and students and monitor their performance.

Compatibility: iPhone / iPad and Android / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 4+

11. Feelu: Emotions & Mindfulness

Feelu is another useful SEL application that helps children:

  • ‘Recognize their feelings and deal with them in a healthy way
  • Offer different strategies for calming down and coping with tantrums
  • Pay attention and relax in their bodies
  • Be thankful
  • Be kind and empathetic to each other and to animals
  • Responds safely to bullying ‘and much more.
Compatibility: iPhone / iPad / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 4+


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