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As VRFocus reported last week, there have been a fair number of virtual reality (VR) deals over the weekend for Black Friday, mostly on the software side. Nothing too unusual. To this day, that is, where Teslasuit offers its first ever sale on a limited number of developer sets, saving a few lucky customers nearly $ 3,000 from the regular price.

Ok, so this particular Cyber ​​Monday is not for your regular consumer product, as Teslasuit is generally only sold for commercial or business applications, mostly because the product usually sells for $ 12,999. But only for today, if you are a developer or certified partner of Teslasuit, you can pick one up for the (almost) offer price of $ 10,400. That deal includes the software and the API license, but excludes shipping and taxes – so you’ll have to budget a little more.

This 20% saving is only for 24 Teslasuit Developer Kits, so when they are gone, they are gone and you will have to apply directly to Teslasuit yourself – you will certainly not find this on Amazon. Plus, informs Teslasuit VRFocus that it is: “team will help get your suit ready to be shipped before Christmas,” giving a nice festive treat.

The parent company VR Electronics Ltd has been selling the Tesla suite for a few years now, after the fully haptic suit made its debut at CES 2018. The suit is crammed full of sensors and haptics so companies can use it for a variety of utility cases. , whether it is the collection of data on performance training and next-generation rehabilitation to improve situational awareness or for motion capture purposes.


Teslasuit has 10 internal motion capture sensors, 80 electrical stimulation channels for tactile feedback, a rechargeable battery that can run between 8-10 hours. As you can see in the promotional images, Teslasuit is a snug fit to ensure that all that technology works at an optimal level. That’s why Teslasuit comes in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL as well as a custom made option if none of these are sufficient.

VR Electronics Ltd is also working on a haptic glove called the Teslasuit Glove. The company, which was unveiled last year, has been pretty quiet since then in terms of development and when it will go on sale. It will include power feedback so users can feel digital objects, their shape and resistance to pressure.

With the current metaverse trend emerging, consumers may eventually want a device like Teslasuit to immerse themselves fully in these virtual universes. Keep reading for continued updates VRFocus.


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