Google Searches For Fictional Aussie Town ‘Agnes Bluff’ Have Skyrocketed

The Amazon Prime Video show is based on the novel by Australian author Holly Ringland, which is set in a remote Northern Territory town that actually does not exist.

Google Trends data, analysed by, shows that searches for the term ‘Agnes Bluff’ grew 1640 per cent between July and August.

But it’s not only Aussies that are intrigued as to where this stunning place is. Viewers from Spain, Canada, the UK, US and Italy also googled the place.

The show was filmed in real locations across Central Australia, including Alice Springs Desert Park, Simpsons Gap, Ooraminna Station, Standley Chasm and Orniston Gorge.

The Gosses Bluff crater, also known by its traditional Aboriginal name, Tnorala, was also shown in the show. Director of the show, Glendyn Ivin told the NT News that the crater was “one of the most beautiful and special places I’ve ever seen.”

Speaking to, Ringland explained that the story was inspired by her time living on Anangu land in Australia’s Western Desert.

“I created Agnes Bluff, the national park, and the crater full of blood-red desert peas, because to write about the real place where I lived would be telling stories from the land that aren’t mine to tell.

“To know people are Googling these places I fictionalised feels like a shot of joy straight to my heart – I don’t know that there could be a greater compliment given to my writing.”

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