Google Meet gains Companion Mode on Nest Hub Max for hybrid meetings

After announcing Companion Mode for Google Meet last September, Google is finally rolling out the new feature for Workspace accounts on devices like Nest Hub Max.

Companion Mode is a smart feature that Google launched as a way to address the new hybrid work that many of us have become accustomed to. It does this by allowing users to attend Google Meet meetings using secondary devices without any of the confusion or audio issues that may arise.

For example, if you is in a meeting room for a meeting, you can use your Meet hardware to join escort mode. This will use the audio and video from the meeting room while you can still participate in chats, polls and other features on your personal device.

Users can attend a meeting in companion mode by visiting or on compatible hardware, the latter of which is intended for those who wish to share their screens.

Companion Mode is available online through Meet Hardware and Nest Hub Max. Google says these devices will receive prompts “when instant messaging is sent or other interactive activities are initiated in a meeting.”

Participants attending a meeting in the accompanying state will be identified as such in the roster and each instance counts as a separate participant. These users will also be hidden from the meeting fields unless they raise their hand “to maximize screen space for video feeds.”

Google says Companion Mode will be rolled out gradually from January 13, while activity announcements on Meet Hardware and Google’s best smart screen will start appearing from February 2.

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