Global Skills Shortage: Your Path Through The Wilderness

How to navigate the global skills shortage successfully

While many organizations opt for retraining programs, you need a holistic strategy to address your company’s pain points and maintain your best results. So how do you build vital skills, fill vacancies and stick to your workforce? This e-book explores key results to help you bridge the gap and make the most of your internal talent, as well as increase employee satisfaction and retention.

E-book publishing: Thriving in the global shortage of skills: your way through the wilderness

e-book publishing

Thrive in the global skills shortage: your way through the wilderness

Learn how successful organizations around the world use skills to navigate unfamiliar territory.

Why personal skills development is important in the modern workplace

Whether you are returning to work on site or have switched to a hybrid work model, competency development should be a top L&D priority. Modern employees expect training that suits their individual needs, goals and talent gap so that they can not just “get the job done” but actively expand their competencies. Cultivating skills and encouraging teams to pursue further training opportunities strengthens employees and instills confidence. They are also more likely to stay with your organization because you value their personal growth.

About this e-book

Why do high-performing organizations have a significantly smaller competence trust gap? How can effective learning programs increase employee demand for development resources? Here’s a sneak preview of what you will find in this guide, which compares top performing organizations to those that are average when it comes to competency building and talent development strategies.

  • 2020 vs. 2022: What changed?
  • COVID-19 casts a long shadow on the workforce
  • The trust gap between employees and employers has continued – and is widening
  • Skills development today: Employees and employers are still lost in the wilderness
  • Where do your employees go to develop skills?
  • What does good competence development look like?
  • How do you become a high performing organization?
  • High-performing organizations provide a template for skills development


Download the e-book Thriving In The Global Skills Shortage: Your Path Through The Wilderness to dive into the data and discover how you can launch a competency development strategy for your team.

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