Get pCloud to back up your Mac for life with no monthly subscription (75% off for Black Friday)

Get pCloud to back up your Mac for life with no monthly subscription (75% off for Black Friday)

Everyone should back up their stuff. The files on your computers and devices make up a lifetime of sentimental images, years of work on projects, critical personal documents, and many other forms of irreplaceable data. Use backup and sync with cloud storage from pCloud and you never have to worry about losing any of it.

Save and save almost everything in pCloud. And the best part is, unlike many of their competitors, pCloud offers cloud storage for life for a lifetime price – no recurring subscription. And with the Black Friday sale, you can save 75% on a lifetime plan with a single one-time payment.

pCloud also offers annual subscriptions, but the best value is the lifetime plan. That means you only pay once and have cloud storage space to use forever. The Black Friday sale is a good time to jump in. With a 75% discount right now, you can get 2 TB of storage space for with $ 245. Or get the 500 GB subscription for just $ 122.50.

pCloud has more than 14 million users worldwide, providing best-in-class affordable cloud storage with security as a priority. All your data uses TLS / SSL during transit and is stored securely on servers worldwide. And if you are very privacy conscious, you can actually choose where pCloud should host your files; within the EU or within the US. They even offer simple automatic encryption options so you can store your data in a way that only you own the keys to decrypt.

Once you have an account, of course, you can use your space for whatever you want. What you get is server space in the cloud that you can use to store pretty much anything. pCloud supports all platforms and operating systems and the Internet.

For backup, you can download the pCloud backup app on your Mac (with native Apple Silicon support available) and select the folders you want to back up and sync to the cloud. Then you do not have to think about it again. Every time you edit a document or add new files to the folder, pCloud immediately starts uploading the changes. If disaster strikes, just set up a new machine and get everything back down from pCloud – no file size or transfer rate limits.

You can use the pCloud app for iPhone and access all your files on the go. In addition to the current state of your file system, pCloud automatically saves old versions of your files for 30 days even if you delete them. So as long as the files are in pCloud, your data is protected against device theft, hardware failure, or malicious viruses that try to delete your disk.

With pCloud for iOS, you can also set it to automatically upload a copy of your photo library every time you take a picture with your iPhone. (Remember, unlike iCloud Photos, you are not dependent on a monthly subscription – you only have to pay once.). You can also use pCloud as an extension of a local file system, as a place to place files that you want to keep but that do not have to be downloaded locally all the time. If you have an extensive music collection, simply stream all your music directly from pCloud using the app.

Another great way to use pCloud is to easily share large files and folders with others. You can make a public link out of any file or folder stored in your repository and then simply send the links to friends or family. For the person receiving, it is as simple as clicking on the link and downloading the file from a web page (you can even customize how this page looks with your own title, description and page header).

Most cloud storage services – especially those that offer as much capacity as the 2TB pCloud plan – will cost up to $ 10 a month, indefinitely. But pCloud gives you the same 2 TB of storage forever for a single, inexpensive one-time payment. It’s usually a lot, and it’s a great deal right now with their Black Friday sale. Don’t miss it: Save 75% on pCloud’s Lifetime Storage Options right now.

Find out more at and join more than 14 million people who trust pCloud with their data.

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