Get a Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription bundle for $99 with coupon

Get a Rosetta Stone bundle for $99.

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Lifelong learners can receive a 94% discount on a bundle of technologies to help you develop your practical knowledge, including lifetime access to Rosetta Stone and StackSkills.

Learning another language has never been easier thanks to Rosetta Stone’s Lifetime Subscription service, which unlocks learning access to more than 24 languages, now just $99 with this unique deal.

Rosetta Stone uses an intuitive training method that allows for complete immersion in a new language, leading to natural reading, writing and speaking skills. With speech recognition and interactive lessons, you’ll be bilingual, trilingual or multilingual in no time!

Learn a new language with Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone software allows users to study up to 24 new languages. And with the lifetime subscription running just $99, users have access to all languages ​​and technologies like TruAccent, which analyzes pronunciation 100 times a second so you can input your accent and vocabulary.

The retail price for lifetime access to Rosetta Stone runs $299. With this instant redemption, you get access to all levels of instruction for each of the available languages. Rosetta Stone works on virtually all devices with support for Mac, PC and mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone.

Although you can only learn one language at a time, you can easily switch between courses, expanding your skills with just a few taps.

Stack new skills with StackSkills

Included with your purchase of the unlimited Rosetta Stone Lifetime subscription is lifetime access to StackSkills, an online learning platform designed to help you learn thousands of new skills from the comfort of your computer.

StackSkills Lifetime Access, normally valued at $1,495, unlocks unlimited learning access from a library of more than 1,000 courses taught by top instructors. The platform provides course certifications, easy-to-follow progress tracking and instructor Q&A with courses spanning IT, design, web development, finance, marketing and more.

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