Get 3 years of AI-powered tax help with this $49 app

Get 3 years of AI-powered tax help for under $50 with this app.

Hack your taxes with the power of artificial intelligence thanks to this $49 app.
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TS Eliot was right: April really is the cruellest month, especially if you’re a freelancer, small business owner or independent contractor. The April 15th tax deadline means you’re either scraping together proof of all your deductions or paying an accountant to shave a few extra dollars off what you owe.

Being your own boss certainly has its perks, but the time you spend jumping through IRS hoops is not one of them. Fortunately, it was only a matter of time before app developers brought the power of AI to ease the problem of taxes – and FlyFin is a compelling solution tailored for the self-employed.

Make taxes less

These days, it almost takes a computer brain to understand the tax filing process anyway. This award-winning, AI-powered tax app does away with all the jargon and form filling. Instead, it uses a simple set of questions to determine what kind of work you do and what deductions you’re eligible for. From there, you’ll get a list of what categories you may qualify for, and you won’t even have to dig through your bank statements to find receipts. FlyFin can use Plaid to securely sync with your accounts and find all the necessary numbers.

In fact, the more you use the FlyFin app throughout the year, the easier tax season will be. You can take a single swipe to sort your expenses into personal or business categories, so they’re ready to review when April rolls around. The app’s AI deduction tracker can effectively track your business expenses to find all possible tax write-offs – saving you an average of $3,700 in just five minutes.

Still have questions? This AI-powered tax app also acts as your conduit to actual live certified public accountants who can provide you with advice or clarification. And if you already use a CPA, you can easily export your data to them in an accounting-friendly format. If you’re not, FlyFin will even do the legwork of filing your taxes for you – all from the app.

Save on AI tax preparation app

Take the stress out of tax season this year and for years to come with this powerful and easy-to-use app. Get a three-year subscription to FlyFin for just $49 (regularly $252).

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