Galaxy S22 Ultra camera may help Samsung prove to Apple and Google that hardware is king

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will make better use of the 108MP camera that debuted on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The first iteration, which was technically known as ISOCELL HM1, did not make much of an impact, although it was impressive. The latest generation garnered better reviews and made the Galaxy S21 Ultra one of those top choice for camera enthusiasts. And now things are getting even better.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 108MP camera will take more detailed pictures

Although the S21 Ultra is theoretically capable of taking 108 MP pictures, you are required to enable the high-resolution mode for this. Otherwise, the phone uses pixel binning to generate 12 MP images. This means that individual pixels are combined to act as a larger pixel to make images brighter.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra apparently comes with an ‘enhanced detail mode’ for the 108MP sensor, and Ice is pretty sure of that. Samsung has so far failed to demonstrate that a camera with monster resolution gives its flagships an advantage over competing offerings from Apple and Google, and this may change with the S22 Ultra.

Google’s newly introduced Pixel 6 phones have finally adopted new camera hardware with a 50 MP main slider, and Apple may also equip its tallest phone with a 48 MP sensor next year. These companies seem to prioritize software over hardware.
The enhanced 108MP mode is not the only exciting rumor about the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The device most likely also has a dedicated space for the S Pen stylus, one impressive display and a refreshed design. Samsung is formally expected to announce S22 series early next year and mass production of parts is currently underway.


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