[Galaxy Book2 Pro Series “How To”] ③ Make Video Calls More Comfortable and Backgrounds Less Cluttered – Samsung Global Newsroom

From the classroom to the boardroom, staying connected is the key to getting things done. With a culture, anywhere, anywhere opening up new opportunities in productivity, the video call has taken center stage and given us the opportunity to meet, connect and provide our best wherever we need to be.

These changing lifestyles make it more important than ever to have a laptop with easy-to-use video calling features. Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Book2 Pro Series helps you bring your best to any video call with two-way AI noise reduction for clearer sound, Studio Mode features to clean your look and a flattering 1080p camera.

Make yourself heard

Clarity is the key to a video call. You want to get your point across clearly while you hear everything your colleagues or classmates have to say. The Galaxy Book2 Pro series takes care of that with innovative two-way AI noise reduction. This feature is able to detect your voice and distinguish it from other sounds, giving your words a boost in clarity while blocking noise such as. talk from the café you work in, or children playing loud in the next room – so you can have productive meetings without interruptions or the need to constantly repeat yourself.

But two-way AI noise reduction on the Galaxy Book2 Pro series is not just a one-way process. It also works when other people are talking, bringing their voice in front and in the middle so you can capture every word while blocking background noise from their barking dog or noisy vacuum. With spatial sound from Dolby Atmos, a new Max 5W smart amplifier and AKG sound technology, you can make meetings, teaching and client calls sound great, no matter what room you are in.

Look your best with Studio Mode

Whether your supervisor calls unexpectedly or you woke up late for a conference call, you can get ready for broadcast and look fresh with Studio Mode. This new mode helps you stay focused, stay in the picture and look your best for any meeting.

Features in Studio Mode put you in focus and soften your background to make your calls instantly more professional. Face Effects offers real-time softening, while visual distractions can be removed using background effects so your audience stays focused on you.

If you’re the type who likes to move while talking, tracking and hitting Auto Framing on the Galaxy Book2 Pro series your face to keep you in the sweet spot for your audience while cutting off unnecessary background and empty space – because your audience wants to see you, not your kitchenette.

It is always easy to use the functions in Studio Mode, as they are activated automatically every time you use the camera. Just click on the name of a feature and choose what effects to use for your call and you are ready to come face to face with anyone.

Repeat everything with screen recorder

Things can pop up during meetings, especially while working from home. You are not always guaranteed to capture every second, and even if you do, it is impossible to remember every single detail from long lectures or important calls.

With Screen Recorder on the Galaxy Book2 Pro series, you can record entire meetings with one click – both video and audio – and take the pressure off you to be 100 percent focused 100 percent of the time. You can easily save a version of your entire call to see again later, so you never miss an important update from work, and you can study the obscure quote that your professor wrote down on the board as many times as you want.

Simply turn on the Screen Recorder before a call or lesson, or while browsing or working, and it records all mouse movements on your screen and every word shared, so you can save it all for later refresh.

With video calling playing an increasingly important role in our lives, having a laptop with easy-to-use video features can mean the difference between leveling up or missing out on opportunities. Samsung’s Galaxy Book2 Pro Series offers a 1080p camera, Studio Mode video features and enhanced audio to help you see clearly and impress every call.


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