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Botafogo 1 x 1 Goiás – Best moments – 25th round of Brasileirão 2023

Botafogo fans encourage team in open training

Boos at the time of the lineup

Botafogo fans boo Bruno Lage after Tiquinho remains on the bench

The number 9 gave way to Diego Costa in command of the attack. Another change in the starting lineup was the presence of Tchê Tchê as right-back. Even with JP and Di Plácido available for the match, the coach opted for the original midfielder in the position.

Fan party when the team enters the field

Botafogo fans make a mosaic at Nilton Santos about a possible title: “Nobody wants it more than us”

Screams from the fans asking for Tiquinho Soares in the 1st half

After the initial support and impetus, the changes made by the coach did not have much effect and fans showed dissatisfaction with the team’s poor performance on the field. In particular, due to the absence of Tiquinho Soares, the main technical reference and top scorer not only for the team, but for the championship.

Botafogo fans ask for Tiquinho Soares to enter in the first half

Tiquinho’s entry at half-time

The fans’ requests were met. On the way back to the break, the coach replaced Tiquinho with Gabriel Pires. At the same time, he exchanged Júnior Santos for Luis Henrique.

The atmosphere at Nilton Santos Stadium changed. If there was a tone of tension before, this was replaced by applause and support.

After starting on the bench, Tiquinho Soares enters the break

Six minutes later… Goal by Tiquinho Soares

And the striker needed just over six minutes to tie the game. After a play by Luis Henrique, another name who came on during the break, the number 9 moved to his right leg and finished from outside the area. The ball even slightly deflected off Lucas Halter before entering Tadeu’s angle. It was the striker’s 14th goal in the competition.

What’s different is that some fans, right after celebrating the goal, cursed Bruno Lage. The coach was one of the “targets” in a moment of euphoria over the draw for stopping the top scorer.

At 6 minutes into the 2nd half – goal from outside the area by Tiquinho Soares from Botafogo against Goiás

Donkey screams and coach applause

After the happiness of the draw, the team from Botafogo He maintained a good performance for a few minutes, but again faced problems creating scoring opportunities. The ball on Tchê Tchê’s post was still a final sigh, but the equalizer angered the fans. After the final whistle, the cry of “donkey” was sung from the Nilton Santos stands.

Bruno Lage applauds fans while being called “stupid”

Bruno Lage, despite being booed, applauded the fans as he left the field. At the press conference, he made a point of reiterating the importance of the fans’ support.

– The claps were supportive. The fans can boo whoever they want. I’m grateful that they continue to support the team. I don’t have double standards, I’m not a hypocrite, I’ve been talking about the way the fans support the team. And I would like to thank you for supporting us. The way they want to treat me is completely irrelevant. I would prefer it to be another situation, but for that we also have to get the result. Our life as a coach is very much like this – concluded the coach.

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