For Patricia Bullrich, “more than 90 percent” of those who voted for her will opt for Javier Milei in the runoff

The former presidential candidate of Together for Change Patricia Bullrich He assured this Monday that more than 90% of those who voted for her will accompany her in her decision to support Javier Milei in the runoff next Sunday.

In an interview on Uruguayan television, Bullrich pointed out that the election that will take place on November 19 is “between continuity and change.” In that sense, she highlighted that she is “with the change” and that she believes that the Argentines who voted for her and to whom he speaks every day “They are going to accompany that change”.

“On Sunday, more than 90% of those who voted for me will accompany me,” said Bullrich, although he stressed that In an eventual Miei government he will support “everything that is supportable”but on certain topics it will not do so.

And in this regard, he stressed the importance of separating the real proposals of the libertarian economist from what is said, especially on social networks, about the proposals.

The president of Pro assured that what is being seen in Argentina is “professional and corporate politics” versus “a group headed by Milei and that is trying to change reality.”

“We have in mind (Sergio) Massa’s experience of managing a Government: he doubled inflation, increased poverty, generated a situation of destruction of the Argentine productive apparatus,” Bullrich emphasized regarding the Unión por la Patria candidate, current Minister of Economy. in the Government of Alberto Fernández.

On the other hand, when asked about the presidential debate ahead of the runoff that pitted Milei against Sergio Massa this Sunday, Bullrich said that the event brought the two of them face to face. “a professional politician with a great addiction to lying” with “a person with very little experience in that regard.”

And he analyzed the behavior of both applicants.”Obviously Massa took over the scene, This is clear. It generated a general involvement of the debate, especially in the first part. Then it was paired. Massa all the time tried to leave, or deviate, or not answer the things that were asked of him. Milei didn’t take advantage of it much either.followed Massa’s agenda.”

Asked about the alleged fraud maneuvers that La Libertad Avanza denounces, he considered that “in Argentina what there is is an obsolete voting system that must be changed, with ballots that are stolen, that are taken from the dark room.”

“There are many citizens who when they go to vote do not find the ballot they want. But one cannot say that in Argentina there has been fraud. There was no fraud and no one formally filed (a complaint),” said the president of the PRO.

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