Florida commits to bringing its state ID to Apple’s Wallet app

Florida may be one of the first states in the United States to support digital identification.

As reported by Florida Politics, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has announced that residents will soon be able to download a digital copy of their driver’s license to an app as early as next month.

In an update before a Senate panel on Tuesday, FLHSMV officials said the Florida Smart ID app is already live, but not available to the public. The department is scheduled to release the digital ID in the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store in mid-November.

Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Gayle Harrell called smartphones a great tool for digital driver’s licenses and other identifications. The state began the process of developing digital driving licenses in 2014.

“We have all these instruments in our pockets,” Harrell said. “They have become our way of life, our lifeline, really, to the world.”

FLHSMV motorist’s modernization director Terrence Samuel also revealed that the state is working with Apple to bring its digital IDs to the iPhone’s Wallet app.

Florida was left out of a recent list of states Apple is collaborating on for digital wallets about Wallet, regarding Harrell. Samuel was surprised the state was not on the list, but the department has now exchanged information with Apple in hopes of being added to the list of partners.

“There’s nothing we see that would stop us from being on the list,” Samuel said.

Apple announced that it was looking to bring IDs to the Wallet app at WWDC back in June. The move would allow people to save a digital version of their driver’s license that could be used instead of a physical one. The company said the TSA would be one of the first places to accept the digital ID and that states would be added one by one.

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