Find out who Tite will bring with him to coach Flamengo; Professionals have been with you for a long time


Group chemistry can help Mengão in reorganizing the team.

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According to Journalist Eric Faria, through GE, Tite has already said yes to the Flamengo and should train the club in the coming weeks. But the coach is led by a comprehensive technical committee team, which has been with him since Corinthians and also with the Brazilian team. Let’s get to know some of these names, who are expected to lead the Flamengo back to glory.

To start, we highlight his longest-time companion, his right-hand man, Cléber Xavier. The technical assistant has been with Tite since his time at Grêmio, in 2001. Cléber is known in football circles as a scholar and was always present with Tite at important press conferences to explain tactical schemes.

Another of his assistants is his son, Matheus Bachi, who started his career as an assistant at Caxias, and was called by Tite to join the Corinthians technical committee in 2015. Since then, the two have worked together, including many times, with Matheus taking Tite’s place in training and games, and directly passing on the coordinates to the players.

Will Tite work at Flamengo?

Will Tite work at Flamengo?


Another name on the commission is César Sampaio. The former Brazilian national team player and historical idol of Palmeiras, joined Tite’s team in the team in 2019, where he stayed until the 2022 World Cup. The person responsible for physical preparation is Fábio Mahseredjian. Of the quintet, Mahseredjian is the only one with a spell at Gávea – he worked at the club in 2003.

Remembering that, according to behind the scenes, Tite would not have taken over Flamengo yet so as not to debut against his former team, Corinthians, in a round valid this Saturday (07) for the Brazilian Championship. The expectation is that Tite will start working at Flamengo next Monday (09).

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